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Beauty and Perfection

by D. M. Larson

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Beauty and Perfection
a monologue from the play "Flowers in the Desert"
by D. M. Larson
ISBN-13: 978-1530169085


Beauty and perfection. That's what you are Miss Shelly. Bet those boys back home would be doing a quite a bit of howling if they saw you now. Look at all the wonderful things time has done to you.

(Lowers mirror)

And when I get to Hollywood and become a star, they'll wonder where this goddess came from. But my past will be a mystery, because life before this moment ain't worth telling about. After those early years things have only gotten better.

Actually I'll bet being born was one of the biggest let-downs of all. I spent all that time wrapped up in that little space in my mama, and for what? I pop out and look around, screaming, wondering if this was such a good idea. Wondering why someone didn't tell me sooner what it was gonna be like those first few years, 'cause if someone had told me, I don't think I woulda come out.


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This monologue is from the published play "Flowers in the Desert" by D. M. Larson available on ISBN-13: 978-1530169085

Or see more scenes and monologues from this play at this link: "Flowers in the Desert"


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