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Summer 2015 Freedrama Voice Acting Contest for New Actors

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New paid opportunity from

Seeking Online Monologue Performer

To hear more outstanding Voice Acting

Hear Past Winners

Listen to Freedrama Radio

Check out the ACTING TIPS below

Help with Stage Fright

Advice for New Actors about Agents

Tips for Memorizing Lines

Do actors feel emotions when they act or just pretend?

Improving Voice Acting (Killing the Monotone)

How to perform a monologue help

3 important things to do to be good at improv acting

Get the lead in a play

To Live or Die in LA (tips for new actors: getting experience and finding an agent)

Actor under 18? Go to Hollywood?

Being a TV and Film Extra in LA

Tips for making homemade headshots (for new actors)

Free Monologues for Auditions

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