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Strong Enough for Both of Us

by D. M. Larson


Yes, you're right. I have to toughen up... there's always someone who has it worse than me. Sorry I am so depressed all the time... sorry I bring you down. I don't mean to ruin your day... Or your life. I'd love to stop being depressed. I wish I could look on the bright side and turn that frown upside down. I wish it were that easy.

You think it's my fault don't you? You think it's all in my head. Yes, we all have this problem don't we? We all get a little blue sometimes. I get very blue all the time. I'm so blue I'm purple. Don't tell me you understand... you don't understand!

Do you really know how this feels? Do you really know how this grips me inside and threatens to rip me apart? Do you know the weight that holds me down, a weight so powerful I can hardly move.

Yes, I'm using this to punish you. I am angry at you so I'm acting this way to hurt you... I need to stop feeling sorry for myself... Me, me, me... yes, it's all about me... I want you all to drop everything and focus on me! I'm sorry I even came out of my room.

Oh yeah... a nice cup of tea will instantly cure me - maybe if you put some strychnine in it. I wish I could just snap out of it... like it was some kind of spell a witch cast on me. I'm waiting for some prince to come along and kiss my tears away.

Don't worry. I won't say anything anymore. I didn't want to bring it up. I didn't want to talk about it anyway...

I bet you're sorry you asked how I was doing. How am I doing anyway? I'm hurting so bad. I wish there was something that would take away the pain. I can't handle this much longer.

All I want to know is that I'm not alone... that I'm important to someone. Maybe I want a hug sometimes. Maybe I want someone to tell me I'm not going crazy, that's it's not really my fault.

I need to know I didn't do this to myself and that I'm not the cause of this horrible thing that's happening to me. I want someone to be here for me and help me through this. I need someone stronger than me... I'm so weak. I need someone who is strong enough for both of us.

I need to know you'll be there for me... I need to know you'll never give up on me. That you'll never leave me. That you'll never go away. And I need someone to help me not give up on myself. I want to know that I'm important. That I matter. That I'm loved. Tell me that things will get better. It helps to have someone to talk to... it helps to say something... thank you for listening... thank you for not leaving me alone anymore.



From the play "The Bullied, Bungled and Botched" by D. M. Larson - ISBN-13: 9781518661082

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