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From the play "Holy Ground" ISBN-13: 978-1502875990

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NOTE:This script can be done with a man and woman, two women or even two men. The relationship doesn't have to be romantic. It can also be family or close friends.

(MOLLY approaches TURK who is on the floor in pain)


What's wrong?


Don't get any closer.  I don't want to hurt you. 


Is something hurting you?


I've been trying to hide them.  I wanted to protect you.  I hid the truth from you.  I wanted to keep you safe. 


Safe? Safe from what?


Look in to my eyes.  Can you see them?  Can you see them looking out at you?  Can you see the darkness in me?   I want them out of me.  I want to rip them out of my soul.  But they cling to me. Holding on so tight... so tight that I can't breathe.

(TURK grabs her. She is scared but doesn't pull away)


Can you show me how to get rid of them?  Can you help me?


I want to help. What can I do?

(TURK pushes her away)


You're getting too close.  I don't want them to hurt you. 

(TURK pleads with something invisible that MOLLY can't see)


Please don't hurt her too.  Please leave her alone.  You have me... you don't need her too. 

(MOLLY grabs TURK and shakes him)


Is something there? Is something hurting you? There's nothing there.


See what you've done.  You've made them angry.  They are punishing me.  They always punish me.  They want to punish you too.

(TURK turns to MOLLY with an angry look in his eye and moves toward her with his fists clenched)


Stop. You're scaring me. What are you doing?!


I can't let you!  No!  But I have to... it's the only way to make the pain inside me go away. 

(TURK moves to attack her and MOLLY screams. TURK falls to the floor before he can touch her and lays still a moment)


What happened to you? What's going on?


Lift me up... I feel like I am falling... I'm drowning inside.  You feel so far away.  I feel like nothing can reach me.  I'm lost.  I'm so weak.  Please... I can't take this much longer.  I can't do this anymore.  How can I live with this pain inside me? 


Then let me help you. Let me share the pain. Open up to me. Let me inside and I will fight this with you.

(Blake jumps up and looks for a way out of the room)


There's no place we can hide.  We'll never escape them. 

Run!  Run before they find you!  I am hell bound. They are burned in my soul.  They are a part of me. But there is still hope for you.


I'm not leaving you. I'm hear to stay. I will stay by your side and we can stop this together. Let me give you strength. Let me give you hope.


Hope... there's no hope anymore... I'm too far gone... buried... buried deep inside this tomb... lost and undone.  My kingdom has come, his will was done... I am beyond heaven and earth... there is no deliverance from this evil.

(TURK turns on her again. He is crying now. She tries to touch him but he pushes her away and falls to his knees)

Why are you still here?  Save yourself.  Please... you can't.  You're not strong enough. You can't stop them. 

(He hisses his last line quietly like he is possessed)

You can never take them from me.


From the play "Holy Ground" ISBN-13: 978-1502875990

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