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from the play "When Mel Fell for Nell" ISBN-13: 978-1512007183 by D. M. Larson


This is not me.

(Points to self.)

This is me over here.

(Points to dummy)

He can't say the right thing so I have to speak for him. You know those people who always say the wrong thing at the worst moment in the worst possible way? Well that's me... Well, him... Us... We. Not the royal we either.

(Turns to dummy like he said something)

Babbling? Yes... Thanks dummy... I will get to the point.

I didn't mean to stop talking to you... I didn't mean to turn in to him over there... But I just wanted to stop ... Stop before I did any more damage. It feels like my words cause so much destruction. It's like a flower in the wind. You love the gentle breeze of my words when I say sweet things to you... You open up yourself and bloom for me in my kindest moments. But the harsh words break you and tear you apart like a storm. My words storm and rage over you like some black cloud raining over us ripping the gentle petals from you. Like a flower caught in a tornado.

I want to whisper sweet things again. I want to nourish you and help you grow your beautiful blossom again, but I get so scared ... I become so afraid of what I will do. You deserve kindness... Upon deserve beauty. You deserve loving words. I want that too. But I feel silenced. I feel crippled inside. I feel broken.

There are so many things I want to say to you though. So many wonderful things I feel for you... See in you... Get from you.

I feel better because of you. Like you healed me in some way. I felt sick emotionally before I had you in my life. I felt spiritually dead. You brought me back to life, resurrected the spirit inside me, healed me. You're my angel. That's what you are to me. An angel. So delicate. Such a pure spirit. No hardness hiding the goodness and purity. You leave yourself open to me, giving your full self to me, hiding nothing. You give everything to me... And keep nothing for yourself. You give me your wings so I can fly. You'd remove your heart just to keep mine beating.

You are the greatest gift that has ever been given to me. You complete me. You make me whole.

I wish I could speak those words to you.

(Looks at dummy)

I wish this dummy could say what I feel.


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