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Sleeping Handsome By D. M. Larson

Copyright © 2004 All Rights Reserved*

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Cast of Characters


EMMA: A girl from the village who has a little bit of royal blood and is in love with Prince CHARLES at the start of the play.


IZZY: Isabella is the QUEENís most valuable servant. Isabella is EMMAís best friend and goes by the nickname of IZZY.


CHARLES: This sleepy prince thinks he is the best looking man in the entire kingdom. CHARLES has long, blond hair and dresses in frilly clothing.


QUEEN: The Queen is the mother of Prince CHARLES and Prince JAMES. She runs her kingdom (and her son CHARLES) with an iron fist. She speaks using the royal ďweĒ meaning that she says ďwe like thisĒ instead of ďI like this.Ē


JAMES: The second son of the QUEEN who would rather go on an adventure and rescue someone in need than rule a kingdom. JAMES is dark haired and dresses in rather plain clothing that is good for going on adventures. NOTE: If desired, JAMES may be played be the same actor who plays CHARLES by using a blond wig and costume changes.


MORGAN/WIZARD: MORGAN is an evil princess who tries to use her evil witchly powers to put CHARLES under her spell and rule the kingdom. She disguises herself as the WIZARD to try and trick everyone later in the play.


SERVANTS: Extra actors are needed for various parts throughout the show. You can have one or more actors serve in this capacity. Every time you see the phrase SERVANT CHATTER the extras can either mumble miscellaneous lines such as ďpeas and carrotsĒ or they can write lines of their own. The SERVANTS play different roles including guards and evil henchmen.


SPECIAL REQUEST FROM FREEDRAMA when using this play: Please email any new lines that you create for this play for the servants to say. The best lines will be included in future updates of SLEEPING HANDSOME and the authorís of these lines will be given credit on the website. Thank you for your help in making a great resource for school and community groups.




ACT I Scene 1


(EMMA and IZZY wait with SERVANTS for the QUEEN to arrive. They all are in meadow beyond the castle. The set is a ceremonial meadow where the QUEEN makes announcements. A large throne is UC of the stage. The set also has several bushes and trees including at least one apple tree. Rocks can be on set for actors to sit on if desired (but not necessary). The backdrop can be rolling hills and a castle should be seen in the distance.)


EMMA I wonder what the Queen is going to announce to everyone.


IZZY She probably is going to tell we get to polish the crown jewels again.




QUEEN Weíre so happy all of your are here. All of you are our most trusted servantsÖ WaitÖ (sees EMMA) Who is this, Isabella?


IZZY Sorry, my Queen. This is my friend Emma. She was sort of just tagging along.


QUEEN Tagging along? This is not acceptable


IZZY Iím sorry my Queen. Itís just that Emma is your biggest fan.


EMMA I am? (IZZY gives EMMA a kick) Oh, yes I am. The biggest.


QUEEN (smiles a little) Oh, really?


IZZY She has a whole Queen collectionÖ


EMMA (nervous) IzzyÖ


QUEEN You do?


IZZY She has all the coins with your likenessÖ except the gold and silver ones.


QUEEN What a shame. We look so good in gold.


IZZY And she makes a doll that looks exactly like you and gives it to orphans who are comforted by having their queen to cuddle each night.


QUEEN How lovely.


EMMA (sighs) Oh, Izzy.


QUEEN She may stay, but she must promise me sheíll bring us a Queen doll when we return from our trip.


IZZY A trip?




QUEEN Oh, dear. We gave away the surprise. Yes, thatís the big news. Weíre going on a trip.




IZZY Another channel cruise, my Queen?


QUEEN No, weíre off to rescue our good for nothing son.


IZZY Not Prince Charles?


EMMA Prince Charles is so handsome.


QUEEN No, Charlie is fine. Itís our other son, James.


IZZY Oh, no. Not James. In trouble again, huh?


EMMA Prince James?


QUEEN We try not to talk about James much. Heís always getting himself in trouble. He just had to go save some old widow from getting her castle stormed by the Scots. Now he got himself captured and for what? That old widow is as useless as he is.


IZZY James does sound just terrible. Iím so happy heís never around anymore.


QUEEN But good news everyone. Prince Charles will be ruling in our place while weíre gone.


IZZY How wonderful.


EMMA Charles will do a great job for sure.




QUEEN So thatís the big news. All of you must do your best to do whatever Charles wishes. As far as you are concerned, he is the King.


IZZY No, problem here. Iíll serve up Charles some serious TLC.


EMMA Now, I wish I was a servant. Imagine, waiting on Prince Charles.




QUEEN Take good care of my Charlie. He will be here soon to give you the dayís tasks. Hopefully we wonít be gone too long. If the Scots give us any trouble, weíll probably just let them keep James. Heís not worth the trouble anyway. (QUEEN exits) Farewell.


(Other servants rush about getting ready for CHARLES)


EMMA The younger prince always has it hard, doesnít he?


IZZY Hardly. He is a thorn in his motherís side. She has suffered so much because of him.


EMMA But wasnít he trying to save a widow who couldnít defend her castle.




EMMA What else has he done wrong?


IZZY He beat up a bunch of knights last month.


EMMA And what did those knights do?


IZZY Well, they were burning down villages in a distant kingdom.


EMMA So he stopped this bad knights from hurting innocent villagers.


IZZY Youíre twisting the facts. Those villagers arenít even in our kingdom. We canít go around helping villagers in other kingdoms.


EMMA I guess I just donít understand politics.


IZZY Donít worry. Nobody does. Not even the politicians.


EMMA (Excited) Here comes Prince Charles!




(CHARLES enters with trumpets sounding. SERVANTS all get excited and cheer)


CHARLES (Fake smile) Thank you everyone. Iím happy that you see me for the wonderful person I am. (Laughs at his little joke and checks his hair in a hand mirror) Mother has put me in charge and you all have to do exactly as I say until she comes back, right?


IZZY Yes, Prince Charles. You say. We do.


CHARLES (He sits on his throne) So if I want you to fetch some waterÖ youíll do it.


IZZY Oh, yes. Nice, ice cold water for the prince. (SERVANT brings him some)


CHARLES (Drinks and thinks) If I want you to allÖ jump up and down, you will.


IZZY Yes, my prince.


(SERVANTS jump and down)


CHARLES: Now bark like dogs! (SERVANTS bark like dogs and CHARLES laughs) Oh, this will be fun.


IZZY Uh, my prince. Is there any work youíd like us to do today? The Queen has a listÖ


CHARLES Throw out the list!


IZZY Throw it out?


CHARLES Itís all a bunch of boring nonsense. Let the rain clean the gutters I say. Let the villagers fetch their own food. We need to have a party!


(SERVANT CHATTER. They are excited)


EMMA A party will be fun.


IZZY I guess so. But we have all these things to do.


CHARLES No, wait. I have a better idea. Letís have a contest.


IZZY What kind of contest?


CHARLES Mother has been after me to find myself a wife. Well, Iíll have a contest to see who gets to marry me.


EMMA A contest? Iíll sign up. What do we have to do?


CHARLES Well, my dear. First you have to be royalty. Iím not going to marry a peasant, you silly girl.


(Other SERVANTS laugh at EMMA, except for IZZY)


CHARLES Oh, donít be sad. Youíre certainly pretty enough. But rules are rules. A prince must marry a princess.




CHARLES: Donít bother me now, girl. Iím thinking. Letís see. Letís make it a riddle contest. The princess who can solve all my riddles first will be my bride.


IZZY Shall I advertise the riddles, my prince?


CHARLES Only the first. They have to solve that riddle to get into the contest. Then they must answer my other riddles to win.


IZZY Very clever, my prince.


CHARLES Now for the first riddleÖ (Thinks during SERVANT CHATTER) I know. Who is the most handsome man in the entire kingdomÖ no, waitÖ the world?


(SERVANT CHATTER such as ďoh, thatís a good one.Ē Some giggle)


IZZY You sure you want to use that one, my prince?


CHARLES There will be others but I donít want anyone who canít answer that one correctly.


IZZY Good point.


CHARLES Post the contest all over the kingdom and make sure every castle in the land gets a copy.


IZZY Yes, my prince.


CHARLES (to other servants) Now who wants to give me a foot rub?


(SERVANTS volunteer eagerly and follow CHARLES off stage. SERVANT CHATTER such as ďI get his left footĒ and ďI get his big toeĒ)


EMMA Iím going to do the riddle contest.


IZZY But you heard the prince. You have to be royalty.


EMMA I am. I have a great, great Aunt who was a princessÖ


IZZY Thatís a stretch.


EMMA It still counts. Iím 1/8 royaltyÖ or is it 1/16? Iíve never been good with fractions.


IZZY I guess you can try but donít be too disappointed if it doesnít work out.


EMMA For some reason, I have this feeling it will work out. Itís like Prince Charles and I were meant for each other.


IZZY Well, you do have one thing in common. Youíre both madly in love with him.


EMMA I knew we were meant for each other when we were children.


IZZY When was that? Last week? You hardly past your childhood, now.


EMMA No, it was many years ago. I was walking along the middle of the street in the village when the royal carriage came rushing around a corner. They didnít see me and the horses tumbled into me. I fell in the mud and thought I was dead for sure but the wheels of the carriage just missed me. Then Prince Charles, although only a boy then, stepped from the carriage and rushed over to me. He helped me out of the mud and kindly checked my wounds. He even kissed the small cut on my hand as he helped me to my feet. I still have a little scar there. (Shows it)


IZZY Thatís quite a kiss. It left a scar.


EMMA Oh, you know what I mean.


IZZY I wonder if he remembers all this.


EMMA I donít think so. I was all covered in mud so thereís no way heíd recognize me. I could hardly see him with all the mud that was on my face. But he didnít care. He was so kind to me anyway. A dirty little peasant girlÖ


IZZY No, a dirty little princess, remember.


EMMA Right. Iím a princess.


IZZY Well, princess. We better get you some better clothes than that if youíre going to be in this contest of his.


EMMA Youíre right. But I donít have anything.


IZZY As one the Queenís most trusted servants, Iím sure I can find you something.


EMMA Oh, no. You shouldnít. What if the Queen finds out?


IZZY You should see how many dresses she has. She wonít miss one and weíll borrow one from her more youthful daysÖ she hasnít fit into one of those dresses in years.


EMMA Well, if you think itís okay.


IZZY Letís go.



ACT II Scene 2


(Sign that says Prince Charlesí Riddle Contest has been added)


CHARLES Today is the day some lucky girl gets to be engaged to me. Itís so exciting.




CHARLES I canít believe no one is here yet. I thought for sure Iíd have to fight through crowds of princesses to get here. I even snuck up here the back way just in case. I was afraid Iíd start a riot.


IZZY No riots here, my prince.


CHARLES Okay, then. Where are you hiding the girls?


IZZY Iím not sure how to tell you this, butÖ


CHARLES Go on. Spit it out.


MORGAN Are you ready for me yet? (MORGAN looks like a witch)


CHARLES Oh, great goblets. Whoís that?


IZZY The princess who answered your riddle.


CHARLES (sees witch) EwwwwÖ youíre a princess?


MORGAN (not at all discouraged) I am Princess Morgan. I am the daughter of King Red-dragon. Granddaughter of King Green-dragon and Aunt to King Blue-Dragon. (holds out royal papers)


CHARLES I guess these papers look like theyíre all in order.


IZZY Iím afraid so.


CHARLES And you do look a lot like your father.


IZZY She even has the same mustache.


CHARLES Thatís it? Sheís the only one who showed up?


IZZY No, sheís the only one who answered your riddle correctly so far. The handsomest man in all the landÖ Prince Charles.


CHARLES No, one else guessed correctly?


IZZY Well, one other person said King Charles, but she meant your Grandfather. And someone else said your dogÖ


CHARLES EnoughÖ Fine, Princess Morgan... here are the riddlesÖ youíll never get them right.


MORGAN You might be surprised. Iím very good at riddles.


CHARLES First. What has six legs but only one handsome head?


MORGAN (Smiles) Why itís you upon a horse, my prince.




MORGAN Next riddle.


CHARLES Number two. If I have a mirror in my room that shows me even when Iím not in my room. How is this possible?


MORGAN The mirror must show the reflection of a portrait of us that hangs in your room.


CHARLES Wrong. Game over. Good-bye.


MORGAN What? That has to be right. Unless you have a magic mirrorÖ


IZZY My prince. According to this scroll, she had the right answer.


CHARLES Thanks a lot. Some servant you are.


IZZY You asked me to be a fair judge of this competition.


CHARLES I didnít really mean it. I just want it to be fair in my favor.


MORGAN Last riddle, my prince.


CHARLES You read it Isabella. I canít do it.


IZZY Here is the last riddle. Which portrait of Prince Charles is the handsomest? The one of him at age 15 or age 30.


MORGAN 15 of course since his is not yet 30.


(CHARLES has been frantically looking through scrolls of contest rules)


CHARLES Did she get that right?


IZZY It did.


MORGAN So Prince Charles. It looks like weíre getting engagedÖ


CHARLES Ha! Found it! Scroll #55, paragraph 7. Princess Morgan. Iím afraid youíre disqualified.


MORGAN And why is that?


CHARLES According to my rules, youíre too ugly to compete.


MORGAN Let me see that. (grabs scroll) This is horrible. I didnít know about this.


CHARLES These scrolls were available for public viewing last night.


MORGAN How was I supposed to know that?


CHARLES On the contest notice, here at the bottom it saysÖ


MORGAN Oh, I hate the fine print. You should be ashamed at having a rule like this.


CHARLES What a sore loser.


MORGAN You havenít seen anything yet. (she pulls out her magic wand)


CHARLES Hey, what are you doing? Guards! Guards!


(EMMA enters just as MORGAN casts her spell. IZZY goes to EMMA nervously)


MORGAN (Waves wand) Hereís a nice spell who will make girls weep. Get a pillow - heís going to sleep. (Points wand at CHARLES. Light flash. Zap sound. Blackout. Evil laugh from MORGAN)


EMMA (In Blackout) Whatís going on?


IZZY (In Blackout) I donít know.


EMMA (In Blackout) Am I blind?


IZZY (In Blackout) Not unless I am too. (Lights come up. MORGAN is gone and CHARLES is lying on the ground asleep) That was odd.


EMMA Whereíd that lady go?


IZZY Princess Morgan? I donít know.


EMMA Whatís wrong with Prince Charles?


IZZY He looks like he is asleep. (They go up to him)


EMMA (CHARLES snores) Definitely asleep.


IZZY (Stand behind him) Hey, Prince Charles. Wake up. (Pokes him with her foot)


EMMA Donít do that.


IZZY Sorry, just want to make sure he was really asleep.


EMMA I donít think heís going to wake up any time soon. Was that a spell I heard when I was approaching?


IZZY It was. She muttered something about weeping and sleeping and waved her want.


EMMA A sleep spell. She put a sleep spell on Prince Charles.


IZZY And I suppose someone has to kiss him to wake him up. Hereís your big chance, Emma.


EMMA You think I should?


IZZY Itís worth a try.


EMMA (bends down) Okay. If I mustÖ (Guards and other SERVANTS rush in)


IZZY (IZZY stops EMMA) Hereís come the guards. Get up. (EMMA stands embarrassed)


(SERVANT CHATTER such as ďWe heard the prince calling us.Ē and ďWhatís wrong?Ē)


IZZY Everyone, please, calm down. I have some terrible news. Prince Charles has had a spell cast upon him.




IZZY Please everyone, calm down. I know you are worried. You wonder what we can do without the leadership of our Prince and our Queen. What can we do in such a crisis? (She looks at EMMA) But we have someone among us who can lead us in this terrible time. Someone of royal blood who Prince Charles has decided will be his brideÖ Introducing Princess Emma. (Everyone gaps and EMMA is shocked-chatter) Yes, Princess Emma won the riddle contest and was selected by Prince Charles to be his future wife. So it seems she should be the one to lead us in the time of crisis. (SERVANT CHATTER) You might wonder what has happened to our Prince. Iím afraid a jealous princess who knows the witchly arts was angry at losing the riddle contest and cast a sleeping spell on the Prince. (EMMA is shocked into silence. SERVANT CHATTER) Please. Take the prince to his bed chamber and Princess Emma will begin to plan what we shall do next. Go, please. Hurry the Prince to the safety of the castle. (SERVANT CHATTER as they remove CHARLES)


EMMA (when everyone is gone except IZZY) What do you think youíre doing?


IZZY Now, Emma. Donít be upsetÖ


EMMA Upset? Iím not upset. Iím furious. How could you tell all those lies to everyone? I didn’t win the contest. Prince Charles doesnít want to marry me.


IZZY Look, Emma. We had a crisis situation on our hands and this was the best way to handle it. We canít run this kingdom without a ruler and both the Queen and her sons are not in a position to rule. Since no other family is present, logic dictates that the future wife of the prince would be in charge.


EMMA But he didnít really pick me.


IZZY Technically the witch won the contest but we canít exactly have her rule the kingdom. That would be a disaster.


EMMA And Iím better?


IZZY Youíre perfect.


EMMA Why is that?


IZZY Because youíll do exactly what I say.


EMMA (mad) I will?


IZZY Donít get me wrong, Emma. Iím not trying to control you, but I do know how to run this kingdom. But they wonít listen to me. They need royalty.


EMMA This is a bad idea. It isnít even true. What if people find outÖ


IZZY Trust me, Emma. With me at your side, nothing can go wrong.


(IZZY and EMMA exit. MORGAN peeks out from behind a tree or from off stage)


MORGAN Nothing can go wrong huh? Weíll have to see about that. (Evil laughter) Where are those evil henchmen of mine? You pay good stolen money to find these henchmen but theyíre never around when you need them. (SERVANTS as evil henchman stumble in) There you are. Where have you been?




MORGAN Oh, never mind. Now I have a planÖ




MORGAN I figured Charles would cheat at his own game and not allow me to win the riddle contest. Thatís why I had the sleeping spell ready. And itís a very special sleeping spell that we have to let work over time. In time, the spell will be powerful enough for me to have my revenge over Prince Charles. (Laughs evilly as lights fade to black)



ACT II Scene1


IZZY Emma, here are a few things we can do now that we are running this kingdom. (a huge scroll unrolls)


EMMA You wrote all this since this morning?


IZZY Iíve been thinking about this for a while.


EMMA Look at all this. Holidays?


IZZY Isabella day is my favorite. All you can eat cake for everyone. Weíd just bake a huge cake in the town square and everyone could literally dive in and eat it. But I doubt everyone would go for that one.


EMMA If I could be queenÖ thatís the title of your list?


IZZY Come on, havenít you ever imagined what it would be like to be Queen?


EMMA I guess so.


IZZY What would you do?


EMMA WellÖ (thinks) First, Iíd make sure no one would go hungry.


IZZY (smiles and pull out a quill and fresh scroll) Good. I like that. It wonít be cheap though.


EMMA So what? We sell one little jewel from the royal treasury and everyone in the entire kingdom can eat for a month.


IZZY I like it (writes it down). Then what?


EMMA NextÖ Iíd make sure we found homes and jobs for all the beggars.


IZZY Very nice. (Writes) Sell another jewel for that one?


EMMA Why not? Donít they have tons of jewels?


IZZY So they say. Never seen the treasury myself, butÖ


EMMA And then IídÖ


IZZY Ah, thereís more.


EMMA ÖIíd help all the widows and orphans.


IZZY How do we do that?


EMMA Weíll have the widows help care for the orphans. A little TLC for both!


IZZY Brilliant.


EMMA And I must give them presents too. All the children of the kingdom need a little present from me! Their Queen!


IZZY Now, Emma. Youíre not queenÖ yet.


EMMA Sorry, it kind of all went to my head there for a second.


IZZY Itís okay. Itís fun to think about being queen, isnít it?


EMMA For sure. Well, can we actually do any of this?


IZZY Iím afraid not.


EMMA The Queen would be really angry when she returns wouldnít she?


IZZY You bet she would. Unless we told everyone it was her idea and then she might have a huge surge in popularity. Thereís no way sheíd take back all those things we did if the people loved her for it. If she did, sheíd have a revolt on her hands.


EMMA But that wonít stop her from doing something to us, will it?


IZZY Iím still working on that part of the plan.


EMMA Oh, great.


IZZY Donít be such a worry wart. The Queen and I are super close. I doubt she would do anything to me. At least I hope not.


EMMA What about me?


IZZY Youíre her future daughter in law. She wouldnít do anything to you either.


EMMA Future daughter in law? I wish. Thereís just one little problem with that plan. What if the prince wakes up?


IZZY He wonít. Not if I can help it.


EMMA Izzy, thatís terrible. You wouldnít dare hurt Prince Charles.


IZZY Of course not. But I might help him sleep a bit longer. Just until I figure out a way to make him believe that he chose you as his future bride.


EMMA Once he wakes up, itís over. We know that. In fact, I donít even know if I want to wait that long.


IZZY You have to Emma.


EMMA But I canít live a lie like this.


IZZY Fine, weíll tell the truth.


EMMA When?


IZZY I donít know yet.



EMMA Soon?


IZZY SoonÖ maybe.


EMMA Maybe?


IZZY For now, letís keep pretending the prince chose you until I get all the details worked out in the plan. Things might get pretty bad for us if we suddenly change our story now.


EMMA And what if the prince wakes up soon?


IZZY Weíll just have to make sure he stays asleep.


EMMA And how do you plan on keeping him asleep?


IZZY Iím still working on that too?


EMMA Are you making this all up as you go along?


IZZY UhÖ no.


EMMA Izzy.


IZZY Maybe a little. (JAMES walks in but isnít seen by IZZY and EMMA. He decides to step behind a tree and listen)


EMMA Thatís it. Weíre calling the whole thing off right now. When the servants come here to get their instructions, you will tell them what you did.


IZZY But who will run the kingdom?


EMMA It doesnít matter. What matters is that weíre honest with them about what is going on?


IZZY Honest huh? I donít know if thatís such a good idea.


EMMA Itís a great idea. Because this lie is only going to get us into more trouble.


IZZY If you say soÖ


EMMA I do say so.


IZZY But donít you like being the princeís future bride? (JAMES leans out on this, very curious to hear an answer)


EMMA I canít pretend to be his future bride. Even if he doesnít wake up, I canít live a lie.


IZZY What about the witch? You want her to run the kingdom?


EMMA Everyone knows she is the one who put the Prince to sleep. They wonít let her be in charge.


IZZY But if they found out you lied, maybe theyíll think you lied about her too.


EMMA I believe youíre the one who did all the lying.


IZZY Oh, right. Well, couldnít you kind of say you lied? This could be a bad mark on my record with the Queen and you donít work for herÖ


EMMA You should have thought about that before you lied about all this.


IZZY Some friend you are. (They are angry a moment)


EMMA Oh, Izzy. Iím sorry. I shouldnít be mad at you. I know you were just trying to do what was best for the kingdom.


IZZY And youíre right too. There must be a better way to handle this than lying. Here come the servants. Letís go down and meet them. Maybe if we all put our heads together we can come up with a good solution. (IZZY and EMMA exit and MORGAN sneaks up behind JAMES)


MORGAN Hello, my pretty. (JAMES jumps)


JAMES Donít sneak up on me like that.


MORGAN So Prince James. Did you overhear the evil web of deception these women weave?


JAMES I did overhear them, but they donít seem to be evil at all.




JAMES It seems the problem has resolved itself.


MORGAN It did?


JAMES Yes, these women have decided to take the honest route and tell the truth to everyone.


MORGAN What? How could they? What is it these days with people teaching their children good values like telling the truth? What happened to the good old Dark Ages where everyone looked out for themselves? Whatís a villain to do?


JAMES It appears everything is under control here. Perhaps you should go spread ill will in some other kingdom. I hear a witch is needed in Snow Whiteís realm.


MORGAN Ha, ha. Very funny.


JAMES Iím not sure what the problem is. So far things look under control.


MORGAN But youíre brother is still in a deep sleep.


JAMES And this is bad, because?


MORGAN Oh, so you approve of my evil work?


JAMES No, itís just that I canít imagine heís much different in his sleeping state than in his waking one.


MORGAN Hardly. He is the most handsome man in all the kingdom and I will make him mine if itís the last thing I do. (evil laughter and starts to go)


JAMES Wait. One last thing.




JAMES Who was that women that I saw talking?


MORGAN Isabella the servant? Or Emma the princess?


JAMES The princess Emma. Such a lovely name. Who is she?


MORGAN So you fancy her huh?


JAMES I just thought she wasÖ


MORGAN Pretty?


JAMES Never mind. Just do your evil laughter thing again and leave, okay?


MORGAN No, this is more fun. Tell you what. Help me get to Prince Charles and Iíll help you capture Princess Emmaís heart as well.


JAMES What are you talking about? I havenít even met the women.


MORGAN Youíre smitten. I can tell.


JAMES And I wonít help you get Charles. No matter how much I dislike him, heís still my brother and I wonít betray him.


MORGAN You people and your goodie-goodie values. This is disgusting. Whatís the fun in tempting people if you canít be tempted. Good-bye. (Crosses her arms and waits for JAMES to leave)


JAMES Princess Emma. I must meet her. She is mostÖ intriguing. (Exits and MORGAN groans in disgust)


(IZZY and EMMA enter)


EMMA Why didnít you tell them?


IZZY I couldnít. They all looked so eager to serve you. I didnít want to disappoint them.


EMMA I want this to be over before we get in too big of trouble. And now youíve ordered them to redecorate the castle.


IZZY Itís badly in need of a change in dťcor. The Queen said so herself. Sheíll be very pleased.


EMMA What about all the things I came up with? You know, like helping the needy people of our kingdom?


IZZY Well, weíll get around to that eventually.


EMMA Either we do some good or I tell everyone now.


MORGAN (Laughs evilly) Problems, my dears?


IZZY Oh, no. Itís the witch.


MORGAN Thatís princess witch to you.


EMMA Everything is fine. You can go on your way.


MORGAN But I would be happy to step in and help you in your time of crisis. Handling an entire kingdom should not be left to peasants.


EMMA Peasants? Iím no peasantÖ


MORGAN Oh, really?


IZZY Emma, donít argue with her. Sheís only trying to trick you.


MORGAN Trick her? Into doing what?


IZZY I donít know yet.


MORGAN Fine. If both of you want your Prince Charles back so bad, bring him here and Iíll wake him.


EMMA You will? Really?


MORGAN Princessís honor.


EMMA Letís go get him.


IZZY Now, wait, Emma. What are we going to say when he wakes up and finds out what we did?


MORGAN Good point. Itís much better to go on living a lie.


EMMA Iím going to tell the servants to bring him here now. I want this all to be done with. (EMMA exits and JAMES sneaks in)


MORGAN What about you, Isabella? You seem to be level headed about all this. Help me keep the Prince asleep and weíll continue helping the people.


IZZY As tempting as it might sound, your story isnít adding up. Something about it has me a little suspicious.


MORGAN Have I ever led you wrong before?


IZZY Of course not. I just met you.


MORGAN Then give me a chance.


IZZY I know youíre up to something. You have something up your sleeve. You put Prince Charles to sleep for a reason. And now you think itís okay to wake him. Weíre simply pawn in some scheme of yours to take over the kingdom. Weíve walked right into your trap and youíre about to succeed. Well, I refuse to let Emma do anything until we know exactly what it is youíre up to.


MORGAN Youíre so smart, Isabella. Youíve figured me out. I am up to something.


IZZY I knew it.


MORGAN But Iím afraid you wonít be able to do anything about it. (Pulls out wand) Only a little rest so I can do whatís best. (Zaps IZZY who goes to sleep. JAMES starts to come out to help IZZY but stops where he hears the following) Just a short little sleep for you, Isabella. Only long enough to help my plan along. Emma and the servants will bring the Prince here and Iíll wake him all right. Iíll wake him with a magic kiss. One that will put him under my power. As long as my henchman keep the Queen locked up in the north, then my seizure of power will be complete. (Evil laughter and exits)


JAMES So thatís her plan. Sheíll put my brother under a love spell and trap my mother in the north so she canít return.


EMMA (returns and sees JAMES and IZZY) What have you done to Izzy?


JAMES What? I didnít do this to your friend. It was the witch.


EMMA I knew that witch was up to no good.


JAMES I heard her say this sleeping spell was only a little one so she should wake soon. (IZZY snores) I hopeÖ


EMMA Who are you anyway?


JAMES Iím Prince James.


EMMA Charlesí brother.


JAMES The one and only.


EMMA I thought you were captured.


JAMES The reports were greatly exaggerated. Iím afraid that it was a trap set by the witch for my mother. Now it is my mother who has been captured. Not me.


EMMA How horrible. What can we do?


JAMES Iíll have to rescue her now.


EMMA But the witch. How can we stop her?


JAMES I heard from many people that you have things under control here.


EMMA You did?


JAMES Yes, arenít you the one my brother chose to marry? You are the winner of the contest arenít you?


EMMA Well, about that. SeeÖ


IZZY (Snorts and yawns)


EMMA Sheís waking up. (Goes to her) Izzy? Are you okay?


IZZY I feel soÖ sleepy.


EMMA It was the witch. She put a spell on you.


IZZY I knew I shouldnít have talked to her. I should have gone with you to get Prince Charles.


EMMA Oh, she probably lied about that too. She probably wonít wake him.


JAMES Actually, she will but we donít want her to.


EMMA We donít?


JAMES Thatís the worst thing we can let her do. She plans to kiss him and put him under her power forever.


IZZY So thatís her plan. Now itís all starting to make sense.


JAMES But my first duty is to my mother. I must rescue her right away.


EMMA James? Canít you just step in and take over now?


JAMES No, I think I better go rescue my mother myself. Youíll do great.


EMMA But I donít know anything about running a kingdom.


JAMES Well, thereís two ways to run a kingdom. The first way is preferred by many monarchs. Do whatever you can to fill the royal treasury.


EMMA Weíve already failed at that one.


JAMES Then you must have picked option two. Do whatever you can to improve the lives of your people.


EMMA Thatís the one I decided on.


JAMES Itís not an easy option, but the people are a lot better for it.


EMMA But how do I know Iím helping the people. What if I make things worse?


JAMES Okay, hereís a few tips.


IZZY What about the witch? How do we deal with her?


JAMES Whatever you do, donít let her wake up my brother. If she kisses him, then he is under her power and the kingdom will be in serious trouble. It is up to the two of you to make sure that doesnít happen. Can you do it?


EMMA Weíll try.


JAMES I know youíll do it. I have faith in you.


EMMA James?




EMMA Youíre nothing like people say you are.


JAMES Iím not, huh?


EMMA No, you seem like a really nice person who knows how to do what is right.


JAMES Why, thank you. I try my best to think before I act. I decided a long time ago that if you try to do what is right rather than worry about what people think of you, then you often get the best results. If you worry about what people think of you and your reputation, then you donít get very far.


EMMA I wish I could be that way.


JAMES Maybe you already are. Now I heard about some of the things you want to do in your short reign as our ruler. Everything you want to do is for everyone else.


EMMA Thatís true.


JAMES See. Youíre doing what is right and not worrying about yourself. Selfless acts of kindness. Thatís a great way to rule.


IZZY So you want Emma to stay in charge?


JAMES Why not? Wouldnít my brother want it that way?


EMMA Well, about that. See, it wasnít exactly the way everything thinks it isÖ


IZZY What she means is that she isnít exactly sure what Prince Charles would want his future bride to do in this situation.




JAMES (Takes EMMAís hands in his) Emma, listen. I know this is a hard time for you, but we need you to be strong and hang in here until this crisis is over. I know that you might want to give up when things have gotten so difficult, but now is not the time. We need you Princess Emma.


EMMA You do?


JAMES Yes. (JAMES is really falling for EMMA and EMMA is starting to see how great JAMES is)


IZZY So what are you waiting for, Prince James? Go rescue your mother. We have things under control here.


JAMES Yes, I must good. Fare-thee-well, Princess Emma. The kingdom is in good hands. (JAMES goes)


EMMA Who would have thought Prince James could be soÖ


IZZY Annoying?


EMMA NoÖ I was thinking he was very nice.


IZZY Sure, if you like that in a guy.


EMMA Maybe I do. Prince Charles is handsome and confident, but heís not reallyÖ nice.


IZZY Donít tell me youíre falling for Prince James now?


EMMA Oh, no. Of course not. Itís just thatÖ


IZZY Youíre hopeless. You know that?


EMMA Come on, Izzy. We have a kingdom to run.


IZZY So what do we do next? What is your next royal decree?


EMMA Iím not sure, but it better be something to do with Prince Charles. I think I see the servants bringing him now.


IZZY Shouldnít we have them take him back to the castle?


EMMA (Calls off stage) Oh, donít drop him.


IZZY Then again. Maybe we shouldnít move him around more than we have to.


EMMA They dropped him again.


IZZY Thatís got to hurt.


EMMA Watch out for theÖ tree. Ouch.


IZZY Iím not sure heís waking up for a while after that one.


EMMA Weíll have to find a way to protect him up here. Weíll have to face the witch some time. It might as well be now.


IZZY Sounds good to me. But how do we defend ourselves? We donít have any magic powers.


EMMA You heard James. We only have to keep her from kissing Prince Charles. That shouldnít be too hard.


IZZY Sounds easy enough. Or maybe one of us should kiss him first.


EMMA What?


IZZY If we kiss him before she does, then maybe heíll be under our spell instead.


EMMA No, we canít do that.


IZZY Better one of us than her.


EMMA No, there has to be a better way.


IZZY Come on. Wouldnít you want to have the future king under your power?


EMMA Well, no. It wouldnít be right.


IZZY No, but it could be fun.


EMMA There must be some other way to break the sleeping spell besides kissing him.


IZZY There might be another way, but I donít think the witch is going to tell us.


(SERVANTS enter with Prince CHARLES. SERVANT CHATTER such as ďwhere you want him?Ē SERVANTS can drop him, roll him around)


IZZY Could you guys be a little more careful with his body please? Heís not dead you know.


(SERVANT CHATTER such as ďdonít be so sureĒ and ďwe did drop him an awful lot on the way up hereĒ)


EMMA Please. Put him downÖ gently!


IZZY Good thing heís asleep. That might have hurt him otherwise.


EMMA So Izzy, what are we going to do when the witch arrives?


IZZY I have a plan.


EMMA Good. (pause) What is it?


IZZY HmmÖ Iím trying to remember what it was.


EMMA Izzy.


IZZY Oh, yes. We have to trick the witch into telling us how to break the spell without kissing him.


EMMA And how will we do that?


IZZY Iím still a little fuzzy on the details.


EMMA Great plan, Izzy.


IZZY Thanks.


EMMA Here she comes. I hope your details get unfuzzy fast.


IZZY Oh, she doesnít know Iím awake. (Falls down) Letís pretend Iím asleep.


EMMA What good will that do?


IZZY ShhÖ here she comes.


MORGAN (enters) So Princess Emma. You have brought me the prince to wake for you.


EMMA But what about my friend? You must wake her too.


MORGAN Is she still asleep?


EMMA So you put a sleeping spell on her too?


MORGAN It was an accident. My wand slipped. (IZZY trips MORGAN as she walks by)


EMMA Ooops. That must have been an accident too.


MORGAN Are you sure sheís asleep?


EMMA Of course. I tried everything to wake her.


MORGAN You tried pinching her? (MORGAN pinches IZZY who tries not to react. MORGAN can be upstage of IZZY and audience can see IZZYís reactions without MORGAN seeing them)


EMMA Yes, even that.


MORGAN How about pulling her hair? (Does this)


EMMA Everything, so you donít need toÖ


MORGAN How about stepping on her hand? (Does this)


EMMA Donít break anything.


MORGAN I guess she is still asleep. Very strange.


EMMA So how are you going to wake Prince Charles?


MORGAN A witch never reveals her secrets. You must leave me while I perform the ceremony. (IZZY gives EMMA the okay sign to go)


EMMA If youíre sure. (IZZY nods)


MORGAN Yes, Iím sure. Now go.


EMMA Okay, but Iíll be close by. Donít you dare hurt the prince. (EMMA exits)


MORGAN So my darling. Now it is time for your kiss. Lucky for me they didnít figure out the secret way of breaking the spell which was blowing in your ear.


IZZY (Jumps up) Ah, ha! I knew this would work. (Goes over to CHARLES) Now to break the spell. (Blows in his ear) HA! Awake Prince Charles and be free of the spell. (No reaction from CHARLES) Maybe itís the other ear. (Blows in his other ear) Awake! (Nothing) Whatís going on? (Tries again)


MORGAN It looks like Iíve tricked you. I knew you werenít still asleep. I didnít use a strong sleep spell on you.


IZZY So thereís no other way to wake the prince?


MORGAN Yes, there were many ways that would have worked before. But now itís too late. My spell doesnít work until sunset and now it is time. The spell is ready and Iíll gain complete power over him with a kiss.


EMMA Izzy? I heard you shouting. Did you figure out how to stop her?


IZZY No, she says that itís too late. Only a kiss will work now.


EMMA We canít let her kiss him.


MORGAN And how will you stop me?


IZZY Like this! (IZZY kisses CHARLES)


EMMA Izzy!




IZZY Better me than her. (But CHARLES doesnít react) Whatís wrong?


MORGAN (Laughs evilly) The spell is working even better than I thought. Iím afraid you must be a princess for the spell to work. Stand aside and Iíll wake him. (IZZY blocks her path)


IZZY No way, witch. (Holds back MORGAN) Emma. Youíll have to kiss Prince Charles.


EMMA What? No, I canít.


MORGAN Get out of my way.


IZZY (Wrestles with MORGAN) Thereís no time. (Gets MORGAN in head lock) Do it!


EMMA But heíll be under my power.


IZZY Better you than her. (Holds MORGAN down on ground) Hurry.


(EMMA goes to CHARLES. She bends down and kisses him)




CHARLES (Yawns) Wow. I feel like Iíve been asleep for the longest time. I feel so nice and rested. A little extra beauty sleep to make me even more handsome than usualÖ if thatís possible.


IZZY He doesnít seem any different.


MORGAN Just wait.


CHARLES (Sees EMMA) YouÖ did you win my contest?


EMMA UhÖ wellÖ


CHARLES Please say you did. No one could possibly be more worthy of being with me than you. You are so beautiful. Almost as beautiful as me.


MORGAN I canít believe this. All this work, ruined.


IZZY Tough luck. Better luck next time.


MORGAN This isnít over yet. I have plenty more tricks up my sleeve. (Exits)


CHARLES Will you marry me? You deserve me more than anyone else Iíve met.


EMMA Prince CharlesÖ please.


CHARLES Yes, my love?


EMMA Iím afraid youíre under a spell.


CHARLES The spell of your love.


EMMA No, some other kind of spell. One that put you under my power.


CHARLES Yes, love is a powerful spell.


EMMA You donít understandÖ


IZZY Itís no use, Emma. Weíll have to figure out some way to break the spell.


CHARLES There is no way to break this bond we have, Emma. We are forever linked. In fact, letís get married right away.


EMMA No, my prince. We shouldnít rush things.


CHARLES And we probably should wait until mother gets back. Sheíd be furious if we had a wedding without herÖ but Iíd do it for you my love.


EMMA No, we wouldnít want to upset the Queen. Letís wait.


CHARLES Where are those servants, Isabella?


IZZY Iíll get them (exits).


CHARLES We must start planning and then we can have the ceremony the minute mother returns.


EMMA Shouldnít we let you mother help with the planning?


CHARLES (SERVANTS enter with IZZY) Hurry up you good for nothing loafers.


EMMA Charles. You shouldnít speak to them that way. They are people just like us.


CHARLES Iím sorry, my love. Hurry along, you little people. I have work for you to do. (To EMMA) But really, Emma. They arenít just like us. Where did you ever get such a silly idea? They arenít half the man I am and they certainly arenít as wonderful as you.


EMMA But they areÖ


CHARLES Oh, youíre so cute. Tell you what. You tell these people what you want done in your way and Iíll watch and learn.


EMMA (Reluctantly faces servants) Well, uhÖ Good people. You have worked very hard todayÖ take the rest of the day off. (Servants cheer and start to go)


CHARLES (Stops them) Wait! No, no, no. (Turns to EMMA) Thatís no way to handle these people. Youíll turn them into a bunch of lazy bums.


EMMA But they have worked very hard. Theyíd probably like to go home and have a nice dinner.


CHARLES But who will make our dinner?


EMMA I will.


CHARLES You will? You can cook? You sure youíre a princess?


IZZY Of course she is.


CHARLES Oh, it doesnít matter anyway. Because I love her ever so much.


EMMA And youíd do anything for me?


CHARLES Anything.


EMMA Then give the servants the day off.


CHARLES Fine. Take the day off. But I want everyone back bright and early. 5am should be good, but donít wake me up until my usual time. (SERVANT CHATTER and they exit quickly before someone changes their minds)


EMMA (To IZZY) Whatís his usual wake up time?


IZZY Noon.


EMMA Oh, dear.


CHARLES You do things very different, Princess Emma, but I love you for it.


EMMA So youíd love me even if I wasnít a princess?


CHARLES I would.


EMMA Even if I was only a peasant.


CHARLES I hate peasants but I do love you.


EMMA Well, I hate to tell you butÖ


IZZY (Stops her and pulls her aside) What are you doing?


EMMA Iím trying to break the spell.


IZZY Why do you want to do that?


EMMA Because itís not right to have him under my control.


IZZY But this is great. You have the man of your dreams and the servants have the day off. Youíll be the best princess ever.


CHARLES What are you two chatting about? Me probably. I seem to be everyoneís favorite topic of conversation. I know Iím mine.


EMMA So do you love me more than anything?


CHARLES Oh, yes.


EMMA Do you love me more than you?


CHARLES (Pause) WellÖ


IZZY Now youíve done it.


CHARLES I do love myself an awful lot. Mother said it is extremely important to like yourself if youíre going to rule a kingdom. Have you ever heard of a king who didnít like himself?


EMMA You didnít answer my questions. Do you love me more than yourself?


CHARLES I canít believe Iím going to say this, but yesÖ I love you more than the person I love mostÖ me.


IZZY Ha, it didnít work.


EMMA I canít believe this.


CHARLES Wasnít that the right answer? I donít want to make you unhappy.


EMMA Too late.


CHARLES I canít go on knowing Iíve upset you. What will I do?


IZZY Now youíve gone and hurt his feelings.


EMMA Izzy, whose side on you on? I need help here.


CHARLES My sorrow is so greatÖ and yet it makes me love you even more. As they say, you only hurt the ones you love (sobs uncontrollably and latches on to EMMAís leg)


IZZY I donít think I can take this much longer.


EMMA (sighs) Everything is okay, Charles. Iím not upset at you.




EMMA Really.


CHARLES Really, really?


EMMA In fact, why donít we play a game?


CHARLES A game? How fun.


EMMA You go hide and then Iíll find you.


CHARLES Hide and seek? How fun. Here I go. (Runs off and then on) And when you find me, you get a big kiss. (Runs off) Come and get me. (EMMA sits)


IZZY Are you going to go after him?




IZZY Maybe?


EMMA Iím not sure I want to. Heís driving me crazy.


CHARLES (Off) Iím hiding. Where are you?


IZZY But youíve got the man of your dreams.


EMMA I like him better in my dreams. In personÖ heísÖ annoying.


IZZY I could have told you that.


EMMA Itís strange. You get what youíve always wanted and itís not what you really want.


IZZY Funny how life works that way.


EMMA Suddenly Iím a princess and I have a chance to marry one of the richest, most powerful men in the land. YetÖ Iím not very happy.


IZZY Doesnít feel right, does it?


EMMA Whatís this? Are you finally starting to see the down side to all this?


IZZY I have to admit, it is turning out to be a bit of a mess. Especially that holiday thing. Who is going to do all the work around here?


EMMA We can do it.


IZZY We? As in you and I?


EMMA Why not?


IZZY You know how much work it is to run a castle? Even for a day?


EMMA Maybe Charles will help?


IZZY You have to be kidding.


EMMA It will be good for him to do a little work around here.


IZZY This Iíd like to see.


EMMA Heís under my spell right? Why not get him to do a little work?


IZZY Be my guest.


EMMA Charles?


CHARLES (Sneaks on stage behind tree) Iím still hiding.


EMMA I give up. I canít find you.

CHARLES (Comes out of hiding) No, kiss for you then.


EMMA Oh, darn.


CHARLES Well, I guess one little kiss.


EMMA Why donít we save it for later?


CHARLES (Disappointed) Okay.


EMMA Since the servants have the day off, we have some work to do around the castle.


CHARLES Work? We donít need to do any work. (Points to IZZY) Canít she do it all?


EMMA No, it will be a good experience for us to help.


CHARLES Good? It doesnít sound good at all.


EMMA What do we need to do first?


IZZY Emma, you wash the floors of the great hall. Charles can shovel out the stablesÖ


CHARLES Shovel out the stables? What needs to be shoveled out of there?


IZZY Road apples.


CHARLES Apples? How did apples get in the stables?


IZZY Road apples is another term for horse manure.


CHARLES EwwwÖ gross. Why do we need to do that?


IZZY Emma, this is hopeless. Heís not going to do it.


EMMA Please, Charles. Do it for me.


CHARLES But I donít know how. Maybe I could go rearrange my shoes. Thatís hard work.


EMMA Donít you do that yourself already?


CHARLES Oh, no. I have a servant that does that. I call him the shoe boy.


EMMA Youíre kidding?


IZZY Heís not.


EMMA I guess you could start with that.


CHARLES Iíll get right to it. Itís very hard work, but Iíll manage somehow for you, my love. (Exits)


IZZY I told you this wouldnít work.


EMMA I figure we can start him out slow and work him into the harder stuff later.


IZZY First shoes, then socks, and maybeÖ he can do something really hard likeÖ make his bed.


EMMA Iím sorry. Iím trying.


IZZY It was a good effort, but itís not going to be easy to get him to do anything productive.


EMMA I guess we better get to work then.


IZZY Or maybe we could let things go for a day. Whatís the worst that could happen?


(SERVANT comes up with a scroll and gives it to IZZY)


EMMA Who is it from?


IZZY The Queen.


EMMA Is she okay?


IZZY Yes and sheís coming back today.


EMMA Today?


IZZY James rescued her and they are coming here now. Weíre supposed to get a royal banquet together to welcome them. This is terrible.


EMMA At least the Queen is saved. James is a hero.


IZZY This is no time to be looking at the bright side of things. Weíve got a big problem here. How are the two of us going to get a feast together?


EMMA We could use a little bit of magic right now.


WIZARD/MORGAN Did someone say magic? (WIZARD is MORGAN in disguise)


IZZY Who are you?


WIZARD I am the wise wizard of the west, here to help those in need.


IZZY Iíve never heard of you before.


WIZARD Then youíve never been in need.


EMMA We could sure use some help right now.


WIZARD What seems to be the problem?


IZZY We have a major feast to prepare and no servants to help.


EMMA And I want to break the love spell that Prince Charles is under.


WIZARD Slow down now. Each spell does require a small payment.


IZZY A payment? How much?


WIZARD Ten shillings.


IZZY Ten shillings. Thatís not small.


EMMA I have five shillings. Thatís enough for one spell.


WIZARD No, ten shillings for one spell. Twenty for both.


IZZY Some help you are.


WIZARD Nothing is free, my dear.


IZZY Fine, I have five shillings too. So letís do the spell for the feast.


EMMA Wait. I think breaking the love spell is more important.


IZZY I donít even think you should break the love spell. And the feast is more important right now.


EMMA Youíre always thinking of the present. You need to think about how the choices we make now affect the future.


IZZY Fine. Weíll settle the easy way. Rock, sword, cloak.


EMMA I hate that game.


IZZY I canít think of another way to settle this.


EMMA Okay. Ready. One, two, three. (EMMA holds out her fist for rock and IZZY holds out a flat hand for cloak)


IZZY Cloak covers rock. I win.


EMMA I never understood why cloak beats rock.


WIZARD Very well, then. Ten shillings please.


IZZY Here it is. I want a feast.


WIZARD By the powers given to me by the wizards of the west. Give me a feast and make it theÖ


IZZY Not here. Back at the castle.


WIZARD Oh, yes. Of course. I shall go there directly. (EXITS)


EMMA What a waste of ten shillings.


IZZY Ten shillings well spent Iíd say.


EMMA Maybe Charles will give me ten more shillings.


IZZY You wouldnít dare.


EMMA I mightÖ


IZZY Taking advantage of poor Charles like that.


EMMA Suddenly you care about poor Charles. If you really cared, youíd break the spell.


IZZY Heís better off under your spell. He needs a good woman like you around. Heíll just hurt himself otherwise.


EMMA Poor Charles does need someone to watch out for him.


IZZY Nobody can watch him as much as himself though.


EMMA Charles does like to look at himself a lot.


IZZY A lot? Thatís all he does. He used to have a servant whose only job was to carry a big mirror around so Charles could look at himself doing everything. Finally someone got Charles a hand mirror.


EMMA Why couldnít he be more like his brother James? James is so nice and thoughtful.


JAMES Did somebody say my name? (Enters)


EMMA Oh, James. You didnít hear that did you?


JAMES Hear what?


IZZY Emma was talking about you.


JAMES Was it good?




IZZY I better go check on that Wizard and make sure he puts the feast in the right place. (Exits)


JAMES Wizard?


EMMA Oh, James. Iíve done a terrible job while youíve been gone.


JAMES It canít be that bad.


EMMA It is. First Charles woke upÖ


JAMES Oh, that is bad.


EMMA Thatís not quite what I meant.


JAMES I know. Iím only joking. Go on.


EMMA Iím afraid I spoiled the witchís spell.


JAMES Is that bad too?


EMMA It is because I had toÖ


JAMES What is it, Emma?


EMMA Iím not sure how to explain. Iím very embarrassed about the whole situation.


JAMES Does this Wizard have anything to do with it?


EMMA Heís here because I gave all the servants the day off.




EMMA I was trying to be nice but I just messed everything up. And we didnít have anyone to make the feast for your mother.


JAMES You heard that my mother was returning.


EMMA Yes. You rescued her.


JAMES I did. She was pretty embarrassed herself. Thinking she was rescuing me and instead I saved her. Actually I think it was that witch that set a trap for mother so she could put that spell on Charles. But you stopped her?


EMMA Well, yesÖ in a way.


JAMES Then youíre a hero.


EMMA I am?


JAMES Yes, by keeping the witch from doing whatever she planned to Charles. That makes you a hero. Mother will be most pleased to hear this.


EMMA But JamesÖ I have to tell you something else.


QUEEN (enters with SERVANTS) Why were all these servants at home? We nearly had to drag them out of their homes and make them come to the castle.




EMMA Well, IÖ uhÖ told them they had the day off.


QUEEN And you are?


JAMES This is Princess Emma. She not only saved Charles, but saved the kingdom as well.


QUEEN She what?


JAMES Sheís a hero.


EMMA I am?


JAMES Of course you are. She stopped the witch from putting a spell on Charles.


QUEEN She saved our boy. How wonderful. You are a special girl. Princess is it?


JAMES Yes, she is a princess fromÖ


EMMA Thatís what I want to tell youÖ


QUEEN Never mind. Family trees bore us anyway. Weíll discuss it some other time. Someone must go and fetch our Charlie boy so we can see that he is safe while we rest here a moment. It was a long journey.


JAMES Iíll get Charles.


EMMA Iíll go with you.


QUEEN No, princess Emma. Stay and entertain us while James fetches Charles. We must have some girl talk. Thereís nothing we enjoy more than royal girl talk.


JAMES Iíll be back soon. (JAMES exits)


QUEEN So Emma. You look familiar. Have we seen you before?


EMMA Yes, we metÖ


QUEEN No, donít tell us. We wish to guess. We love guessing games. Letís see. Was it at the Christmas ball?


EMMA No, it wasÖ


QUEEN Donít tell usÖ Was itÖ


IZZY (Returns) My Queen! Youíve returned.


QUEEN Isabella. My most prized servant. So good to see you. At least one of our loyal servants is still working today. (SERVANT CHATTER)


IZZY Things havenít been the same since youíve been gone.


QUEEN We are glad to hear it. Itís good to be missed.


IZZY You were missed, your majesty. Very much so.


QUEEN We are most surprised our son Charles did not do better in our absence.


IZZY He would have done very well if it hadnít been for that witch.


QUEEN Yes, she has caused quite a bit of trouble for us.


IZZY Thank goodness Princess Emma was here to save the day.




QUEEN Donít be modest Princess. We have been hearing many good things about her today.


IZZY You have?


QUEEN From the servants. From my son James. And now from you. We are most impressed Princess.


EMMA Before you are too impressed, I should tell youÖ


IZZY Oh, Princess. We shouldnít trouble the Queen with anything right nowÖ


QUEEN No, we are tired and wish to have a feast now.


IZZY You wish is my command. A beautiful feast awaits you.


QUEEN As long as you didnít leave Charles alone with the food. He is such a hungry boy.


IZZY I made sure he was on his way here to greet you with us. He isnít far behind. He was busy with his shoes.


QUEEN His shoes?


EMMA Well, I suggested he should arrange his shoes.


QUEEN Whatever for? He has a servant for that.


CHARLES (Enters with two unmatched shoes in his hands) Can anyone tell me if these go together? (they obviously donít)


QUEEN Charles. My dear boy. We hear youíve been through a terrible ordeal.


CHARLES It has been most difficult to arrange my shoes, yes.


QUEEN Not the shoes. The witch and the sleeping spell.


CHARLES Iím a little confused about all that actually. All I know is that I had this contest and that Princess Emma won and Iím so glad because I have fallen madly in love with her.


QUEEN You have?


CHARLES I have. She is truly amazing.


QUEEN So everyone is telling us.


CHARLES For the first time in my life, I love someone more than myself.


QUEEN Amazing.


EMMA My Queen. I donít mean to interrupt but I must explainÖ


IZZY Princess, itís far too complicated a tale for a tired Queen. Perhaps tomorrow.


CHARLES Yes, we must discuss plans for a wedding instead.


QUEEN (pleased) A wedding?


CHARLES Emma thinks Iím rushing thingsÖ


EMMA Yes, I doÖ


CHARLES But I know she is the oneÖ


QUEEN This is exciting news. A most wonderful welcome home present.


EMMA But my Queen. I must tell youÖ


QUEEN We understand Princess. This is all happening very fast. But weíve never seen Charles so sure of anything. You have obviously captured his heart.


CHARLES So completelyÖ as if Iím under a spell.


EMMA ExactlyÖ if I could just.


QUEEN Princess Emma. We have wanted Charles to settle down for some time now but he has yet to find the perfect girl. It appears that you are that girl. And we arenít about to let you slip away. By our royal command, we wish all to prepare for our sonís weddingÖ




QUEEN Tomorrow.


EMMA Tomorrow?


QUEEN Tomorrow.


CHARLES This is so exciting, isnít it Emma?




QUEEN So cuteÖ sheís speechless. What a cute couple. I look forward to this wedding. Let the feast tonight be a feast to celebrate the engagement of Prince Charles and Princess Emma! (QUEEN exits with CHARLES and servants and leave EMMA and IZZY alone. EMMA tries to speak but she only blubbers and then flops down in tears)


IZZY Perhaps I better leave you alone.


EMMA Oh, Izzy! What am I going to do? I canít marry Charles.


IZZY You canít?


EMMA No! Heís not really in love with me. Itís just a spell.


IZZY Iíve seen people get married for worse reasons.


EMMA Youíre not helping.


IZZY Iím just trying to do whatís best for everyone. Even youíre better off with this arrangement.


EMMA Sure, I get to be a princess and all. But I can live a lie. Look how much trouble Iíve gotten in so far.


IZZY But Iíve managed to keep you from getting in too much trouble.


(WIZARD enters)


EMMA But for how long? The Queen is already asking questions. And sheíll keep digging deeper. Isnít it better if she knows now than later?


IZZY Iím not sure about that.


WIZARD I predict you will be most sorry if you do not tell the truth by sundown.


EMMA See, even the Wizard can see the trouble Iím in.


IZZY What does he know?


WIZARD I know many things. I can see the future. And I see that your marriage is headed for disaster.


EMMA I could have told you that.


IZZY And why should we believe this prediction?


EMMA He can make a feast appear out of thin air. He knows some pretty powerful magic.


IZZY Good point. But what can we do about it?


WIZARD Ten shillings will break the spell and all will be made right again.


IZZY What is it with you and ten shillings anyway?


WIZARD A guy has to make a living.


IZZY Emma. Ask Charles for ten shillings. Heíll give you anything right now.


EMMA I guess I could. That doesnít seem right some how.


IZZY Fine. Then marry him and take your chances.


EMMA What about James? Maybe if we explain to him what is going onÖ


WIZARD I predict Prince James will be quicker to help you.


IZZY Why is that?


WIZARD Because he is heading this way now.


IZZY (sarcastic) Wow. That was amazing.


WIZARD (Ignores IZZY) Emma. Ask him. He will help. I can see that he has a full money bag.


IZZY You would notice his money bag.


JAMES (Enters) So there is to be a wedding?


EMMA No, JamesÖ I mean, yes. I guess. If onlyÖ


JAMES You donít sound nearly as sure about this as my brother.


EMMA This has all gone terribly wrong. I shouldnít be marrying Charles. This is all a big mistake.


JAMES Youíre getting some seriously cold feet.


EMMA Charles is just under a spell. He doesnít really love me. I kissed him instead of the witch and now he loves me instead of her. I ruined her plan but now I want to break the spell before something terrible happens.


JAMES How can we break the spell?


IZZY For just 10 shillings, the wiz here can break the spell.


WIZARD Did I say 10 shillings? I meant 20.


IZZY What? Thatís not what you said.


JAMES If you can do it, then I can pay the 20 shillings.


IZZY No way. This guy is scamming us.


WIZARD Careful or Iíll raise the price again.


IZZY Forget it. Iíll do it myself. (pulls out book)


EMMA Whatís that?


IZZY Itís a spell book my grandmother gave me. She said I was a natural at spell making. Iíll break the spell myself.


EMMA You can do that?


IZZY Iíve been reading this since this whole mess started. Thereís all kinds of useful spells that might work.


WIZARD You donít know what youíre doing. Those spells in the wrong handsÖ


IZZY James. I will break that spell for 9 shillings. One less than the Wizardís original price.


WIZARD Oh, no you donít. Iíll break the spell for 8 shillings.


IZZY How about 5 shillings?


WIZARD Four then.






IZZY Iíll do it for free.


WIZARD How dare you! Fine. Then Iíll pay you 10 shillings to let me do it.


JAMES Wait a minute. What is going on here?


EMMA Yes, why do you want to break this spell so badly now, Wizard?


IZZY You know what? Iím starting to think this isnít a Wizard at all.


EMMA Who is it then?


IZZY (Pulls off WIZARDís disguise) Itís the witch.


MORGAN How did you know?


IZZY I can see the future!


MORGAN Yeah, right.


EMMA Of course, you want to break the love spell over Charles. That way you can have him for yourself.


MORGAN You donít want him, so whatís the big deal?


EMMA You shouldnít have him either.


MORGAN Oh, thatís fair. You donít want him but I canít have him.


EMMA You shouldnít force him to marry you. Thatís not right.


MORGAN And what youíre doing is?


JAMES Quiet, witch. Donít twist things around. Emma is trying to do what is right here.


IZZY You better get out of here before I try out some of these spells on you.


MORGAN Youíll never break my spells with some silly book.


IZZY Iím getting the hang of these fast.


MORGAN Oh, yeah. Letís see something.


IZZY How about I put you under a sleeping spell?


MORGAN Oh, no. Iím so scared.


IZZY Here goesÖ With these words spoken deep, put this witch into a deep sleep.


MORGAN (Laughs) Goodness. I think my nose fell asleep. Itís all tingly.


IZZY Letís try againÖ With these words Iíve read, put this witch to bed.


MORGAN Now my thumb is asleep. Youíll have to do better than that.


IZZY (picks up frying pan) How about this? (Knocks out witch with a big clang)


JAMES That did it.


IZZY She was asking for it.


JAMES Hopefully this will be the last time she causes any problems for us. (JAMES drags off MORGAN)



ACT III Scene 1


(Same setting as ACT I and II)



EMMA So have you got a spell in your book that might work on Charles?


IZZY (Looking through book) I think so. Hereís that sleeping spell the witch had used.


EMMA Does it say anything on how to reverse it?


IZZY Only a kiss. No other way to break it. (Turns page) And this is the love spell she used. Wow, thatís complicated, putting these two together like that.


EMMA Any way to break the love spell?


IZZY Letís see. YesÖ


EMMA Thank goodness. Hurry up and do it.


IZZY Iím afraid itís complicated.


EMMA Iím not surprised.


IZZY Iíll have to put together some kind of potion and then we have to get Charles to take it.


EMMA I should be able to get him to take it.


IZZY Now to whip up that potion.


EMMA Do you need to go gather the ingredients?


IZZY I should have everything here in my grandmotherís spell kit.


EMMA Spell kit?


IZZY (Pulls out a box from a bag) I have it right here. Grab me that cook pot over there by the cook fire. (EMMA gets pot while IZZY looks at book) So I need this, this and this. Oh, no.


EMMA Whatís wrong?


IZZY I donít have any eye of newt.


EMMA Where can we get that?


IZZY Iíll just substitute thigh of hoot. (Pours stuff in and mixes during the following)


EMMA Thigh of hoot?


IZZY Owl leg.


EMMA Gross.


IZZY If you think thatís bad, check out the elephant tongue.


EMMA No thanks. Does that one saw chicken teeth?


IZZY It does.


EMMA Chicken donít have teeth.


IZZY Maybe itís the teeth of some guy who was scared all the time.


EMMA EwwÖ super gross.


IZZY Everything is all mixed. Now for the final touch: a drop of dragonís tear.


EMMA How do you get dragonís tears?


IZZY You tell one a sad story?


EMMA (Laughs) Maybe.


IZZY Here it goes. Stand back. (IZZY adds the drop and the expect a big boom but nothing)


EMMA Did it work?


IZZY Seems like something should have happened. A big boom or poof or something. Maybe another dragonís tear. (IZZY adds it and thereís just a tiny little sound Ė fell free to add your own silly sound here)


EMMA I guess that did it.


IZZY I was hoping for something more dramatic.


EMMA So how do we give it to him? In a cup?


IZZY We dip an apple in it and then he has to eat it.


EMMA (Gets an apple from a tree) Hereís an apple.


IZZY Drop it in. Let it soak for a little bit.


EMMA Doesnít Prince Charles hate apples.


IZZY He hates all fruits and vegetables. He pretty much only eats meat.


EMMA How could anyone survive eating only a diet of meats?


IZZY Crazy huh?


EMMA Is it ready?


IZZY I guess so. (Takes out apple)


EMMA (Looks off stage) And here comes Charles, right on cue.


CHARLES James said you wanted to see me, my love.


EMMA I did. I have something very important to tell you.


CHARLES Oh, is it about my new outfit they are making for the wedding? I should look so incredible in it. All the other ladies of the kingdom will be so jealous of you.


EMMA Before we discuss that though, I would like you to try this delicious apple I found. Itís from that tree there and it is producing the most wonderful apples.


CHARLES I donít really like apples or any kind of fruit really.


EMMA Please try it for me. Itíll mean so much to me.


CHARLES I suppose I could try a little. Do I have to eat the peel too? (EMMA looks at IZZY who nods yes)


EMMA Yes, itís so yummy too.


CHARLES Okay. (Bites and them makes a face)


EMMA Chew, darling.


CHARLES (Chews and then shallows) Uh, that tasted terrible. You actually like those things.


EMMA Sorry, Charles. I guess you got a bad one.


CHARLES Now I donít feel so good.


EMMA Maybe you should sit down.


CHARLES Okay. (Passes out and falls)


IZZY It worked!


EMMA It did.


IZZY Well, something happened.


EMMA Hopefully you didnít poison him.


IZZY Oh, no.


EMMA What?


IZZY I think heís sleeping again.


EMMA You put him to sleep?


IZZY (Looks at spell book) It doesnít say anything about sleeping in here. Oh, no.


EMMA Quit saying that.


IZZY The love breaking spell is very similar to the sleeping spell. I must have done something wrong. (Mixes up another batch during the following)


EMMA Can you fix it?


IZZY I better do another love breaking spell first. Once he wakes up he wonít want to try another apple.


EMMA But we can only wake him with a kiss.


IZZY This is so complicated.


EMMA That must be why most people donít do magic. If it were easy, everyone would do it.


IZZY Itís ready I think.


EMMA Iíll get another apple.


IZZY Hereís the last ingredient. (Another strange sound is heard)


EMMA In goes the apple.


IZZY Let it sit a moment.


EMMA How are we going to get him to eat it?


IZZY (Thinks a minute) I donít know. Letís get him into the throne. (They struggle with him and he flops around. They drop him once or twice. He smacks each of them with him limp arms. Finally they get him into the throne) Now for the apple.


EMMA Got it.


IZZY (Goes up to CHARLES) Open his mouth.


EMMA What?


IZZY Hold it open. (EMMA does and IZZY puts the apple in) Hold the apple now. (IZZY takes CHARLES mouth and makes him bite it. EMMA takes the apple away while IZZY helps CHARLES chew) That should do it.


EMMA You think the love spell is broken?


IZZY Weíll have to wake him to find out.


EMMA But the only way to wake him is with a kiss.


IZZY And that might reactivate the love spell.


EMMA So weíre back where we started. I canít believe this.


IZZY Oh, no. Here comes the queen.


EMMA What do we do? Sheíll be really mad when she sees Charles like this.


IZZY Iíve got an idea. (Goes and hides behind CHARLES)


EMMA Hiding? Thatís youíre idea.


IZZY Youíll see. (Hides)


QUEEN Hello, Emma. We see you and Charles are spending a little time together. Ah, young love.


EMMA Uh, yes. Charles and I are having a lovely time together.


QUEEN Charles? Are you asleep? I swear that boy sleeps more than he is awake. Charles?


IZZY (Doing Charlesís voice and moving his head and arms occasionally) Yes, mother?


QUEEN Are you alright?


IZZY (As CHARLES) Sorry, mother. Iím a bit sleepy.


QUEEN Donít be such a sorry excuse for a man around your future bride. She deserves to see the best side of you.


IZZY (As CHARLES) This is as good as it gets. (EMMA hits IZZY) Ow.


QUEEN Ow? Are you okay?


IZZY (As CHARLES) Got this kink in my neck. Too much napping.


QUEEN Or too much kissing maybe? (Winks at EMMA who blushes) Before we go, weíd like to see a kiss.


EMMA A kiss?


IZZY (As CHARLES) A kiss? In front of you?


QUEEN Yes, weíd love to see a little kiss.


EMMA I donít we shouldÖ


QUEEN Oh, thatís so cute. Being all shy.


IZZY (As CHARLES) I canít kiss her right now. I have morning breath.


QUEEN You always have morning breath. Now kiss.


EMMA (Goes up to CHARLES) Okay. Here we go.


IZZY (Pushes down CHARLES and comes out) I canít do it.


QUEEN Whatís going on?


IZZY I canít make you do this anymore, Emma. Iím sorry.


EMMA Oh, Izzy. Itís okay.


QUEEN It most certainly is not okay. What is wrong with Charles?

IZZY Iím afraid heís under a sleeping spell.


QUEEN Again? Did the witch do it again?


IZZY No, I did.


QUEEN You? Why?


IZZY I was trying to break the love spell.


QUEEN What love spell?


EMMA The one that made him love me.


QUEEN (To EMMA) You put a love spell on him? I knew it. Why else would he pick an unknown princess like you.


EMMA No, the witch did the spell.


QUEEN She did it for you? Youíre working with the witch? Guards!


(SERVANTS rush in guard uniforms)


EMMA No, wait. I tried toÖ


QUEEN Weíre heard enough. Tie her to that tree.




QUEEN And put a gag on her.


IZZY But my QueenÖ


QUEEN Her too. How dare you put a sleeping spell on our Charlie.


IZZY Wait, please. (EMMA and IZZY are gagged and tied up by a tree by SERVANTS)


QUEEN And take our poor Charlie up to the castle. Weíll call a Wizard to break the spell.


(SERVANTS carry off CHARLES, dropping him a few times in the process. IZZY is trying to talk to the QUEEN through the gag)


QUEEN And you were my most trusted servant, too. So sad. (IZZY screams through gag but QUEEN ignores her and exits. IZZY and EMMA try talking through gags and then give up)


MORGAN (Enters) Well, well. What an interesting turn of events. (IZZY comments through gag) Good thing youíre gagged. There are children in the audience. (IZZY says more) Whatís that? Speak up. I canít hear you. Okay, fine. Iíll take it off. (Removes gags)


EMMA Thank you.


IZZY Now untie us.


MORGAN Why should I do that?


EMMA Because youíre a nice person.


MORGAN Hardly. (Laughs evilly) Although I am most thankful to the two of you.


IZZY Why is that?


MORGAN Because the Queen now believes you two are the ones who have been causing all these problems. Plus the Queen needs someone to break your sleeping spell.


IZZY You wouldnít?


MORGAN I will. A little kiss will do and heíll be under my power once again. (Laughs evilly)


IZZY Will you quit laughing like that?


MORGAN But all bad guys need a laugh.


IZZY Sure, but do you have to do it so often?


EMMA How did you get free anyway?


MORGAN 10 shillings can convince any guard to let you go.


IZZY Remind me to fire that guard.


EMMA So how are you going to get close to Charles? James has seen your Wizard disguise. (Evil SERVANT enters with bag for MORGAN)


MORGAN I will become a sweet little princess that will be perfect for Charles to marry when he wakes. (Pulls a long blond wig out of her bag)


IZZY A thorn by any other name is still as pokey.


MORGAN By the time they realize who I really am, it will be too late Iím afraid. (Throws off black cloak and has a pretty pink dress underneath. Powders her face with sparkles) Now to do something about my nose.


IZZY No magic in the world could get rid of that nose.


MORGAN Quiet or Iíll turn you into a nose.


IZZY Sorry.


EMMA She doesnít look too bad really.


MORGAN Why thank you. I knew you were the nice one.


EMMA Does that mean youíll let me go?


MORGAN Hardly. (EVIL SERVANT helps her with a princess hat) Lovely.


IZZY Thatís debatable.


MORGAN What was that?


IZZY I ate and Iím full.


MORGAN Off to the castle. (Exits. Comes back on. Evil laugh. Exits)


IZZY She couldnít resist.


EMMA We have to get lose so we can stop her.


IZZY Letís try to get free. (They struggle to get untied)


EMMA I think one of my hands might get free.


IZZY Letís try standing. (They push against each otherís backs and try rising)


EMMA Almost got my hand free. (They start to stumble and cry out and fall)


JAMES (Enters and sees them in a heap on the ground) Oh, dear. What happened to you two? (Goes to them and helps free them during following)


IZZY The witch. Weíve got to stop her.


JAMES She tied you up?


EMMA No, the Queen did.


JAMES The Queen? Why?


EMMA She thinks we tried to hurt Charles.


IZZY I was only trying to break the love spell, but I accidentally put him to sleep again.


JAMES I wondered if something like that happened. I tried to explain to mother that you two are only trying to help but sheís really mad. She has a hard time being reasonable when it comes to her little Charles.


EMMA What can we do?


JAMES Maybe you two should hide out until I can explain everything to her. Once Charles is curedÖ


EMMA Oh, no. We have to stop the witch.


IZZY Iíll go and try to head her off before she gets to the castle.


JAMES What if someone sees you? Theyíll do more than tie you up next time.


IZZY Itís a chance I have to take. (Exits)


JAMES Thatís brave of her.


EMMA I think Izzy feels bad about everything thatís happened today.




EMMA Well, she was only trying to help out but she may have told a few lies in the process. Our little lies have turned into big problems today.


JAMES I think the witch has been the real problem. What is she up to now?


EMMA Sheís posing as a princess who is going to break his sleeping spell.


JAMES She the princess with the big nose I saw walking by?


EMMA Thatís her.


JAMES I hope Izzy can stop her. Maybe we should go help her.


EMMA Letís go. (Starts to get up) Ow, my ankle.


JAMES Are you hurt?


EMMA I must have hurt my ankle when we tried to get free of those ropes. My mom always said I had weak ankles like a princess. Not at all good for hard work.


JAMES Do you do a lot of work?


EMMA I have a confession to make James. Iím not much of a princess.


JAMES What do you mean?


EMMA I only have a little bit of royal blood. Iím a big fake.


JAMES Hardly. I think the big fakes are my family.


EMMA What?


JAMES Royalty should be the kind of person you are, not something youíre born with. This whole system is wrong.


EMMA But what else is there?


JAMES I have this cousin named Arthur who thinks we should all sit down as equals at a round table.


EMMA Do you think anyone would be willing to do it?


JAMES Charles thinks itís crazy, but Iím willing to do it.


EMMA Youíre such a good person. How could you not be mad at me for lying?


JAMES Things got very complicated. You were doing what you thought was best for the people of the kingdom. The worst thing that could happen is that witch Morgan having power over my brother. You put a stop to her evil deeds so far.


EMMA I hope that doesnít change.


JAMES Not if I can help it.


EMMA James, Iím so glad youíre here to help.


JAMES I like helping people. Mother thinks Iím crazy and that Iím wasting my time helping people that arenít important, but it feels right. (Checks EMMAís ankle) How are you feeling?


EMMA Better, I think.


JAMES Can you walk? Isabella may need our help.


EMMA Yes, letís go. (She struggles to get up but JAMES sees something off stage)


JAMES Wait, theyíre coming back.


EMMA This doesnít look good. The guards have Izzy and not the witch.


JAMES Iíll straighten this out.


(IZZY is led in by SERVANTS as guards with QUEEN and MORGAN trailing behind)


QUEEN (Points to EMMA) What is that criminal doing loose?


JAMES The only criminal is the woman next to you. (Points at MORGAN)


MORGAN (Does bad Scarlet OíHara accent) Oh, how could he say such a thing about an innocent girl like me?


IZZY Innocent? Ha!


QUEEN Quiet you. We demand you hand that fake princess over to us, James, before we have the guards arrest you as well.


JAMES You wouldnít dare.


QUEEN Weíd love to lock you up. It would keep you out of trouble.


MORGAN It would be for his own good.


QUEEN Our thoughts exactly.


JAMES Canít you see that this new princess in disguise? Itís the evil witch at your side.


QUEEN She looks and sounds nothing like the witch.


MORGAN It seems to me that your son here is the main problem, along with these two women. Ever since the three of them got together, there has been nothing but trouble.




MORGAN I donít think it was that witch that trapped you up North. I think it was your son, James. He tricked you into coming after him and then had you captured.


JAMES Why would I do that?


MORGAN With the Queen out of the way, then only your brother stood in the way of the throne.


QUEEN We see what you mean.


IZZY This is crazy. How can you listen to some stranger and not your most trusted servant and your son?


MORGAN You never even saw the witch when you were captured up North. How do you know she was even involved?


JAMES Lies, mother. She is the witch and she is trying to trick you again.


MORGAN Good try, James. But your mother is seeing much more clearly now.


QUEEN We are.


EMMA What about the sleeping spell? You put that on Charles.


MORGAN That was your own witch, Isabella. A trusted servant who was paid by James to remove Charles from power.


QUEEN Of course, I should have known.


JAMES Mother. How can you listen to her? UnlessÖ


IZZY Unless she put the Queen under some kind of spell.


MORGAN The Queen is not under my spell.


QUEEN We are not under her spell.


MORGAN I have no power over her.


QUEEN She has no power over us.


MORGAN She only listens to me because Iím so pretty.


QUEEN We only listen to her because she is so pretty.


IZZY She is under her spell.


JAMES Guards. Seize that woman. (Points to MORGAN. SERVANTS hesitate)


QUEEN (Points to JAMES and others) No, seize James and throw him into the dungeon. (SERVANTS let go of IZZY and grab JAMES)


EMMA Wait. Canít you see the Queen is under a spell? (SERVANTS hesitate and look at QUEEN)


JAMES Mother, snap out of it.


QUEEN Take him back to the castle. Throw him in the dungeon and lock him in chains. (SERVANTS remove JAMES and QUEEN follows. MORGAN stays behind with IZZY and EMMA)


EMMA What did you do to the Queen?


MORGAN Itís a little spell that I can use to influence people.


IZZY Why didnít you just use that on Charles instead of the sleeping spell?


MORGAN Itís a very limited spell. It doesnít give me complete control and I canít use it for very long. The Queen will snap out of it soon, but it should work long enough to make Charles mine forever.


EMMA So you havenít kissed Charles yet?


MORGAN Unfortunately, no. Isabella here ruined my plans. I was going to use my spell to convince the Queen to let me kiss Charles, but instead I had to waste it on convincing her that James and you two were criminals. I canít use the spell on her twice either. A waste of a very good spell.


IZZY So whatís your evil plan now?


MORGAN I used a similar spell to convince the servants to bring Charles to me. But while Iím waiting, Iíve decided that I need to do something with the two of you.


EMMA What are you going to do?


MORGAN Do I turn you into frogs or feed you to an ogre?


IZZY I taste terrible and look horrible in green.


MORGAN Ogres will eat anything, especially nice, plump ladies such as yourself.


IZZY I am not plump. Take that back. (IZZY gets MORGANís attention while EMMA sneaks up behind MORGAN)


MORGAN A bit sensitive, are we?


IZZY You would be too if people had teased you all your life about being too fat.


MORGAN Why do you think I turned into a witch? Iíve been teased all my life about my nose. And these are not warts. Theyíre moles.


IZZY Fatty Izzy theyíd call me. It was horrible.


MORGAN Big nosed Morgan theyíd call me. I couldnít believe how cruel they all were. I grew more and more bitter the more names they called me until finally I turned to magic to teach them a lesson. I had my revenge.


IZZY What did you do?


MORGAN I gave them all pig noses. They were sure sorry after that. Al except oneÖ Prince Charles. I will have my final revenge upon him. But he was the worst so I have all sorts of lovely plans for him.


IZZY So thatís why you hate Charles so much?


EMMA (Snatches MORGANís wand from behind) Got it.




EMMA How would you like a pigís nose?


MORGAN Careful with that wand. You donít know how to use it.


EMMA Iím willing to give it a try.


MORGAN Please donít. You could hurt us all.


IZZY (Goes to EMMA) Yes, Emma, be careful. Maybe I should take that. (EMMA hands over wand to IZZY)


MORGAN Please Isabella. You seem to understand me better than anyone. Hand over the wand and Iíll spare you the misery I have planned for everyone else.


EMMA What about me?


MORGAN No, Iíd still like to torture you.


IZZY Forget it, Morgan. Time to try out this new wand.


MORGAN (Runs off stage) Nooo!


IZZY Here goes. Now that we know all the facts, stop that witch in her tracks (waves wand Ė Zap! sound. Silence a moment. Off stage we here ďribbitĒ)


MORGAN (Off) Ribbit.


EMMA It worked. (Runs off stage)


IZZY Actually I was trying to just freeze her. She must have had a frog spell loaded in here.


EMMA (Returns with frog [puppet or large stuffed animal of frog will work]) Here she is.


IZZY Sheís so cute.


EMMA You want to hold her?


IZZY No, I donít want to get any warts.


MORGAN (from off stage) Theyíre moles, ribbit.


EMMA I think Iíll leave her back here in the bushes where she canít make any trouble.


(SERVANTS enter with CHARLES. They can drop him a few times on the way in if desired)


IZZY Careful. Bring him over here. (SERVANTS leave CHARLES on the throne and go)


EMMA What are we going to do with him?


IZZY I think youíre going to have to kiss him again. (IZZY and EMMA donít notice FROG peeking around throne)


EMMA Donít we have any other option?


IZZY We could leave him asleep.


EMMA What about the wand? Do you think you could use it to wake up Charles?




MORGAN (from off stage as FROG goes up to CHARLES face) Too late, ribbit. Pucker up, ribbit. (FROG kisses CHARLES with big kissy sound)




IZZY Stop her. (Before they can reach FROG, CHARLES wakes up)


CHARLES (Wakes) What a good sleep. (Sees FROG) Hello, there little froggy. Arenít you cute? Why, you are probably the cutest frog I have ever seen. (Picks up FROG and cradles her in his arms) Would you like to come home with me, froggy? Would you like to be my special little pet?


MORGAN (From off) I did it, ribbit. Heís under my power, ribbit.


CHARLES What did you say little froggy? I canít understand you.


MORGAN (From off) Yes, you can, ribbit. Canít you, ribbit?


CHARLES Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. Did you say you want a bubble bath? I love bubble baths.


MORGAN (From off) No, you idiot, ribbit. Listen to me, ribbit.


CHARLES I love you too, little frog. Letís go. (Exits)


IZZY He acts like he can understand her.


EMMA I hope he canít or sheíll be able to use her power over him.


IZZY One wrong move and Iíll turn her into frog soup.


EMMA You donít think Charles would marry a frog, do you?


IZZY No, but heíd marry himself if he could.


EMMA This has been quite an adventure. Iím glad itís over.


IZZY I agree.


EMMA What will we do about the Queen?


IZZY Iím hoping the spell over her wore off when the witch was turned into a frog.


EMMA Letís hope so.


IZZY Here she comes.


EMMA No guards. Thatís a good sign.


QUEEN (Enters) Isabella! There you are.


IZZY Youíre not going to arrest me again are you?


QUEEN Of course not. We see that Charlie is awake so all is forgiven.


EMMA It looks like the witchís spell is broken.


QUEEN Where is that witch anyway? It seems she had us lock James away in a cell. Most embarrassing.


EMMA So James is free?


QUEEN Yes, yes. Just a big misunderstanding. James is most anxious to catch the witch before she causes any more trouble.


IZZY We took care of her for you, my Queen.


QUEEN You did? But how?


EMMA We had a few tricks of our own.


QUEEN Yes, the two of you have been up to a few tricks from what we heard.


IZZY But we did stop the witch.


EMMA And save the kingdom.


IZZY And found Charles a friend.


QUEEN He does seem to really like that frog he found. We thought for sure he would be happy to see us after his ordeal but all he could do is talk about his frog.


IZZY Itís a very special frog.


QUEEN Isabella. It is most unfortunately what has occurred recently and we hope you will consider returning to the castle as one of our most trusted servants once again. And your friend here may join us as well. We can use a few more loyal servants such as yourselves.


IZZY Thank you, my Queen. (QUEEN exits) Thatís as close as she will come to an apology.


EMMA Will you work for her again after all this?


IZZY Sure, why not? Weíve been through rougher times than this.


EMMA You mean stuff like this has happened before?


IZZY Many times.


EMMA Oh, dear.


IZZY So you want to join the serving staff? The top servants do very well. We get the first pick of leftovers and hand-me-down clothing.


EMMA I think Iíll pass. Iíve had enough of the royal court to last me a lifetime.


IZZY Your loss. I was hoping to have you around to help me keep an eye on that frog.


EMMA You can handle a frog.


IZZY Plus I like having you around.


EMMA (Smiles) Sorry, but Iím afraid youíll get me into more trouble.


IZZY Trouble? Me? (Smiles back)


EMMA (Hugs her) Iíll see you again soon, Izzy.


IZZY Take care of yourself. (JAMES enters)


JAMES Are you leaving us, Emma?


EMMA Iím just going back to my quiet life in the country. This royal court is a bit too exciting for a country girl like me.


JAMES Thatís too bad. I was hoping we could get to know each other a little better.


IZZY I guess Iíll be going. I have to go practice my wand. (Waves it and points off stage. ZAP! Sound. A SERVANT yelps) Ooops. (Calls off) Sorry about that. (Exits)


EMMA Why would you like to get to know a servant? If I stick around, thatís all I would be.


JAMES I thought you were a princess?


EMMA Not really. My great aunt was one, but thatís not much of a claim.


JAMES Itís good enough for me.


EMMA But not everyone else. I better go. Iíll just get you in more trouble.


JAMES Why are you so anxious to go?


EMMA I guess I need to have some time to reflect on all this. I suddenly had everything I wantedÖ I was a princess and the man of my dreams was in love with me. But then I didnít want it anymore. It wasnít as great as I thought it was. Funny how that happens. You dream about something and when you get it, itís not as good as youíd hoped.


JAMES Itís like a beautiful sword that falls apart when you try to use it.


EMMA Or a gorgeous dress that doesnít fit right. It might look nice but itís so uncomfortable. I thought Charles so wonderful from the day he pulled me out of that mud puddle when we were children. But I guess he isnít that nice anymore.


JAMES The mud puddle? That was you?


EMMA Were you there?


JAMES Of course. Iím the one who pulled you out.


EMMA But I thought it was Charles. I mean I just assumed it was. I mean heís the only prince we really knew about and it was the royal carriage.


JAMES Charles was there all right, but he was the one who was driving that carriage that nearly ran you down. He insisted the driver let him try driving it. I tried to convince him not to but he wouldnít listen. When he ran you down, I grabbed the reigns from him and stopped the carriage. I was the one who pulled you from the mud and checked your wounds. (Takes her hand) You still have a scar.


EMMA You kissed it though.


JAMES Like this. (Kisses her hand)


EMMA Like that.


JAMES Emma, will you come with me?


EMMA Come with you? Where?


JAMES To help those in need. The world could use a few more heroes.


EMMA Iím not really a hero.


JAMES Anyone who wants to help other people is a hero. Will you come?


EMMA (Smiles) I will.


JAMES How about we start by joining my cousinís round table?


EMMA Sounds great. (They start to go) So that was you who pulled me from the mud?


JAMES (Stops) It was.


EMMA So it was you I should have been dreaming about all these years?


JAMES Enough with dreams. Letís go make a great reality. (They exit)





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