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"TEEN ANGEL" by D. M. Larson

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PART 1 - "Wingless Souls"

(MUSIC: “Last Kiss” by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers. Music slowly fades as cars racing are heard. Honking is heard and then a crash. Screams. Music builds and then fades)

 (Lights come up on PEGGY, a young teenage girl who is in white, sparkling robes. She is standing before a white, sparkling staircase leading to a passage through a cloudy background.GABRIELLA, a woman in white steps forward from the passage and is at the top of the stairs. Her clothing looks similar to PEGGY but GABRIELLA has wings) 

I see you’ve arrived. I almost thought you weren't going to make it. Modern medicine certainly creates a lot of uncertainty in my work these days. 

Where am I? 

You’re climbing the stairway to heaven. 

You mean that… 

You’ve crossed over… 

I’m dead? 

You could say that. 

But what happened? I don’t remember… anything. 

Souls are made to forget the pain and sorrows of life, especially the end. It’s better that way. 
But I remember so little about my life. I remember that my name is Peggy and that I like vanilla ice cream… 

(Pauses and struggles to remember. GABRIELLA comes down the stairs) 

Your memories are selected carefully. Too many earthly memories really mess with eternal bliss. 

But it seems like I’m forgetting something. I hate that feeling. You know, like you know you have to do something but you can’t remember what and you know you’ll get in big trouble if you don’t do it… 

Peace, Peggy dear. There’s nothing to worry about now. 

I suppose not... 

(Something still seems to bother her) 

(Studying PEGGY) 
I see what they mean… 

What who mean? 

I was sent to help guide you. 

Guide me? Into heaven? 
(Points to stairs) 
The way looks pretty clear. 

It appears so, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems. 
(Motions to stairs) 
Perhaps I should illustrate. Try going up the stairs. 

(Looks at GABRIELLA funny, shrugs, and heads to stairs. PEGGY stops at the bottom step and can’t seem to go any further) 
I want to… but can’t. 

You’re not ready yet. 

That doesn’t mean that I’m going to… you know where… 

Fortunately, no. You lived a good life and have few blotches on your record. You shouldn’t fear going anywhere but heaven. But… 
…there’s always a “but” isn’t there? 
(PEGGY looks worried) 
You will need to earn your wings. 

Earn my wings? 

You can’t enter heaven without wings. So each soul must earn them. Now some people earn them in life with good works and good deeds… Mother Teresa for example. Her soul had the most amazing wings when she arrived… 

So I didn’t do anything good in my life? 

You were a good person or you wouldn’t be here. But wingless souls are often wingless for a reason. Even good people make mistakes in life. So good people are given a chance to earn their wings despite problems in life. 

Sounds fair. I only wish I knew I knew what I’d done. 

It’s better not to know anything about your past life. It will only make earning your wings more difficult. Let me give you a warning… your memories are there, but don’t go seeking them. They will only lead you down the wrong path and will keep you from earning your wings. 

What happens if I don’t earn my wings? 

You will earn them. I know you will. 

Why? Can you see the future? 

No, but I can see your heart and I have faith that you will succeed. 

(Suddenly determined) 
So what do I need to do to earn my wings? 

There is some unfinished business in your past life that must be resolved. You will be without memory and will appear as a stranger to those who once knew you. Discover the problem and help to fix it. That will earn you your wings. 

I have a feeling this isn’t going to be as easy as you are making it sound. 

Actually it is quite dangerous. 

Then why send me? 

Because we know that you are the only one that can fix the problem. 

And what is the problem? 

Unfortunately, we’re not sure. 

This isn’t going to be easy. 

I need to leave you with a warning as well. 

Leave me? You’re leaving me? But we just met. 

Don’t worry, Peggy. I won’t be far away. 

I feel so overwhelmed… no memory… trying to solve a problem I know nothing about… And you mentioned a warning? 

You must be careful. Keep your memories buried. If one tries to seek the past, she can become trapped in it and become a lost soul. 

A lost soul? 

A lost soul is a person whom some people know as ghosts. PEGGY I could become a ghost? 

(GABRIELLA goes up stairs) 
Only if you are not careful. Remember, you are someone else now. No one will remember you. No one will recognize you. But if they do… then you could be lost. 

How will I know what to do? 

You will know. Only you know the way. 
(Reaches to of stairs) 
Good luck, Peggy. 
(Exits and lights fade to a spotlight)

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