by D. M. Larson

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Underdog (aka Fight Me)
by D. M. Larson
for Two Male Actors

(GEORGE stops TINY who is carrying files through the office)

GEORGE: Fight me.

TINY: I don't want to...

(GEORGE punches TINY)

TINY: Ow! What did you do that for?

GEORGE: Plenty more where that came from...

(GEORGE tries several more punches as TINY uses some folders and papers as a shield)

TINY: Cut it out!

GEORGE: Bet you're not so tough without your shield, Captain America.

(GEORGE slaps down folders, TINY yelps and GEORGE tries a few more punches)

TINY: Have you gone crazy?

GEORGE: Something like that.

TINY: I won't fight you.

GEORGE: Then I win.

TINY: Huh?

GEORGE: I win.

TINY: I guess so.

GEORGE: (yells) Tell me I win.

TINY: Fine, you win.

(GEORGE punches him)

GEORGE: Louder.

TINY: You win!

GEORGE: That's right. I am the alpha dog, baby!

(GEORGE does a chest pump against TINY who stumbles back)

TINY: What is with you, man?

(GEORGE grabs TINY in a headlock)

GEORGE: See her over there?

TINY: Yolanda?

GEORGE: That her name?  Yeah the new one.  Yolanda...  so hot.  

TINY: She's why you're acting like an idiot?

(GEORGE stops headlock)

GEORGE: Yup... I want to impress her.

(GEORGE lets TINY out of headlock)

TINY: Great... Glad I could help.

GEORGE:  She saw the whole thing.  They're laughing.  They think I am awesome. Now for the kill.

(TINY flinches)

GEORGE: Not you... Her.  Gonna seal the deal.

(GEORGE exits.  TINY tries to fix himself up and gather papers. GEORGE returns and holds out a piece of paper)

TINY: What's this?

GEORGE: Her number. She wants me to give it to you. 

(Says it snotty)

GEORGE (cont.): She thought you were cute.

(GEORGE walks off in defeat)

GEORGE (cont.): Everyone roots for underdog.

TINY looks at number happily and does a cute little wave.


Buy a low cost PDF of the scene on Sellfy.com
(Purchasing a PDF of this script gives you the rights to use for: Auditions, Classrooms, Workshops or Camps)

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