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Free Small Cast Plays for Four Actors

"Cell Phone Zombies" Short sketch comedy skit about cell phones and time travel. Written for 4 actors of either gender. From the published play "Control the Future" ISBN-13: 978-1540666581

"Looks Get in the Way" Short comedy about finding the perfect person. 2-3 m 1-2 w (4 total).

"Stung" A short comedy about someone who wants to be one with nature but nature doesn't like her. (4 speaking parts [either gender] with possible extras)

"Death Takes the Train" A short play for four actors about Death's new mode of transportation.

"The Cinnamon Roll of Happiness" short script for 4 actors


"Phone It In" scene for 4 actors about a former child star facing a difficult future in Hollywood from the play "Blondes Prefer Gentlemen"

"Music Maybe" short comedy play for four actors about an all drummer rock group - "male version" or "female version"

"Pity the Fool" Short play about an artist looking for some pity. 2 m 2 w.

"Rock, Sword, Firecracker!" Short comedy about the legend behind the game of Rock, Scissors, Paper. 3+ actors (any gender)

"Fart-Zen" - very short play for three or more actors (any gender)

"Gossip" - Short Comedy - 2-5 more actors
A play for mature actors

"D&D BnB (The Hands of Fate)" - Short comedy play for 4 actors

"Princess from Another Planet" Short play about an artist looking for some pity. 2+ m 2 w with possible extras.

"Hipster Hobos" Short sketch comedy skit about being too cool is too annoying. 1+ m 1+ w (3-6+ total). From the published play "When Mel Fell for Nell" ISBN-13: 978-1512007183

"A Little Private Education" - One Act - 2 w 2 m

"Flowers in the Desert" - Short Drama - 2w 2m

"Billy Graham Bingo" - One Act - 2 w 2 m

"Borders" - One Act about prejudice along the Texas border - 3 w 1 m

"Seeing Beyond with Maya Fantasma" - Short Comedy - 3 w 1 m

"Waiting on Trains" Comedy - 2 w 2 m

"Signs of the Times" Short sketch comedy skit about money, taxes, politics and homelessness. Written for 3 males and 1 female but works for 4 actors of either gender. (link goes to Freedrama blog)

"PokyMonster Murders" short dramatic play for 4 or more actors about the darkside of Pokemon Go

"Kiss Me, I'm Irish" Short comedy about love and stereotypes. 3w 1m

"Heart Attack" Short play about a good man who finally gets rewarded and the woman who saves him from a heart attack. 2 m 2 w.

"Rednecks vs Aliens" is a wacky comedy script for 5 males and 5 females about a redneck named JJ who is kidnapped by two beautiful alien women.

Free scene preview:

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NEW! "Make Me A Vampire" short comedy play for 4 actors about a human who wants to be a vampire

D. M. Larson

(4 actors any gender)


(Lights come up on the Office of Vampire Venture Inc., an office of vampires in a world that is controlled by them. AMBROSE sits at the front entrance of the office building serving as a greeter. Various vampires come and go. AMBROSE acknowledges them each with a friendly and wave of the hand. Suddenly, AMBROSE smells something terrible and walks around for a better look. A human named RANDY enters. The smell gets worse and AMBROSE realizes it is RANDY and stops him)

May I help you?

I know you guys at Vampire Venture Inc. were the best of the best when it came to hunting down humans. I bet your group converting half of humanity to being vampires.

We successfully transformed 51.9% of humanity into vampires.

Slightly more than half. Most impressive.

Sir, I'm afraid, I must ask you to leave. This is no place for humans... of your type.

My type? Oh! That's why I'm here. I know that normally you vamps avoid my kind, but I really want to become a vampire.

You WANT to become one?

It's getting pretty lonely with most of humanity being undead. And once people are one of you, then they want nothing to do with me.

It's the smell. It's... unbearable.

(LUCIEN enters)

Ambrose, what is that terrible smell?

Our visitor. I'm attempting to remove him.

Do so, post haste. He's smelling up the entire lobby.

(LUCIEN starts to go but RANDY follows. AMBROSE looks very sick and exits)

Please, wait. I need your help. I want to become a vampire.

(LUCIEN sniffs)

Sorry, we don't deal with your kind. No one does.

There must be someone willing to convert me. It's that what your entire organization is built on. You're the best.

No one here will be willing to touch someone with your blood type. "B" I assume, by the stench.

"B" negative.

That's even worse. "O" is a delicacy that vampires crave the most. "A" is good. A fine blood type we all can enjoy. "AB" is tolerable. It's mixed with B but A is strong enough to make it drinkable. But "B" - it is the absolute worst. "B" positive is bad enough. It smells like a skunk peeling onions at a sewage processing plant. But "B" negative... It's a rare and horrific smell... I can't even imagine what the taste must be. Simply horrendous, I'm sure.

But there has to be someone who can help me. Maybe you have a new recruit you could force to do it, or maybe there's some initiation you want to do that involves drinking the worse blood ever, or maybe you do a new reality tv show and one of the horrible tasks they have to perform, or drinking my blood could be a practical joke...

A joke on someone I despise.


There is no one I dislike that much. Please vacate the premises or I will have you forcibly removed.

(LUCIEN snaps his fingers and AMBROSE returns and goes up to RANDY to grab him, but looks sick again and has to run off. LUCIEN starts to leave)

Please, I don't want to be alone anymore. I want to be a part of society again. Let me live forever like the rest of you.

(RANDY grabs him and LUCIEN looks ill and exits)

I'm not leaving until someone turns me into a bloodsucker!



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